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200th post!

For my 200th LJ entry (my profile will say 201, but that's because I haven't deleted the welcome entry that's automatically made for new users), I decided to do something completely pointless: take the first word from my first post, the second word from my second post, the third word from my third post, and so on, all the way up to this one. (If post ♯X has Y words, and Y is less than X, then the remainder of X ÷ Y is Z, and I use the Zth word instead, or the last if Z is zero.) And yes, this is a ripoff of 160 Seconds.

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While doing this, I've noticed that I have quite a few posts that are exactly 48 words long, by the way. Coincidence?

On a less pointless note, I had to get my braces tightened again today. And this time, there are rubber bands holding the top and bottom braces together (which have to be changed every time I eat or brush my teeth, and also before I go to bed), so it probably won't pull a my wisdom teeth this time. :(

updated prtsc land me

Subject? Um...can I use a lifeline?

So I just now finished my Tuesdays with Morrie project. Yay!! *can have my the last four days of summer in peace*

And I've recently noticed something else that annoys me: the fact that my mom uses whatever is closest to write names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passwords, and calculations on instead of taking the time to find something blank rather than something that might be important later on. My reasoning: For my Tuesdays with Morrie project, there is a sheet of paper that we have to fill out, and on the back we have to write why we chose the quote we chose. Mom, being... well... Mom, had written on the back of said sheet of paper, and so I had to type up the front side in WordPad instead, print it out, and write on the back of it. I don't know if points will be counted off for it yet.

Now it's Buffy time. And then Mario Party 4 time. (yes, I've recently been going through older games that aren't Super Mario World)

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Mondays with Tuesdays with Morrie

I finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie for the project I have to do over the summer.

The good news? I liked the book. I agreed with pretty much everything Morrie said.

The bad news? Starting tomorrow, I have to start working on the project; in case you haven't read the other post about my projects, I have to write an essay (or maybe - hopefully - just a paragraph, I forget) about the most important word, phrase, or sentence from the story.


updated prtsc land me

I is for I saw Sarah Good with the Devil?

I haven't posted about this before, but towards the end of school I was assigned two reading projects to do over the summer. One is about Tuesdays with Morrie, and we have to write about the most important word, phrase, or sentence, and for the other one we get to choose from seven books (I chose The Crucible) and we have to make a posterboard.

So I was working on the latter today, and I was looking for images of some of the main characters and some other things pertaining to the book on Google Images. One thing I searched for is "yellow bird". Look what I got:

Can you show me how to get, how to get to the witch trials? :P

I admit it's not as funny as this, but...