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Mary O. & Yamamura Level the Playing Field!... in my deranged imagination...

If you're not into Super Smash Bros. or Super Mario Maker... and maybe even if you ARE into those games but aren't as obsessed with Mary O. as I am... then this entry will probably be of no interest to you and you should probably skip it unless you REALLY want to know what goes on inside my head. :P

Being the Nintendo nerd I am, ever since the first Super Smash Bros. I sometimes tried to imagine what it would be like if various characters (video game or otherwise) that weren't playable in any SSB games yet were.

But I don't think I've ever come up with a complete moveset for one until now. Usually all I think of is:
- "What would Kirby look like if he copied this character?"
- "What would this character's alternate costumes be?"
- (for characters who aren't from a series that's already in the game) "What would this character's series symbol be?"
- MAYBE a game mechanic that would be unique to that one character
- MAYBE taunts and MAYBE special moves and a Final Smash.

And usually I don't write about or draw any of these ideas either - just think about it.

But lately, due to my constantly being obsessed with Mary O. (who unfortunately is still obscure enough that I feel like I have to link to that article again), I've been thinking more and more about what it'd be like if she and Yamamura were playable in Super Smash Bros. as a 2-in-1 character similar to Duck Hunt.

In fact I first thought of this idea at some point before April Fools' Day 2017 (see the music tag for that entry), but lately I've been thinking more and more about how this could work, enough that I think I have ideas for their entire hypothetical moveset by now.

And I keep thinking about said moveset so much that writing an entry about it is probably the only way I'm ever going to stop being so distracted thinking about it, even though I doubt it'd be interesting to anyone here (none of you are as obsessed with Mary O. as I am, and a lot of you probably aren't even into Super Smash Bros. enough for this to be of interest to you). So I'll LJ-cut it so I won't bore you. :)

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It feels so weird that I've put all this thought into making an entire moveset and such for Mary O. & Yamamura for literally no reason since I doubt I'd be making a Super Smash Bros. fangame or hack anytime soon... and it feels especially weird to actually be typing out this ridiculous idea after spending so much time only thinking about it...

Well, now you know what goes on inside my head! :P
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The year 2011 has been duct-taped back together!

I've fixed over 800 entries now, and I'm done fixing all the entries from 2011! :)

Just got 6½ more years of entries to go. Even if they're the years when I didn't post as often.

Oh, and lately I've been playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U pretty regularly again in the hopes that I'll finish all the challenges before SSB5 is released. Or at the very least, before I have SSB5.
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What it's like to be obsessed with a REALLY obscure Mario character

So I found this two-part YouTube video called "500 Characters I Want In Smash Bros. Switch"...

The first thing I thought was "Even with that many characters and the likelihood that most of them are going to be joke characters, I bet this list is STILL not going to even consider Mary O. even as a joke character..."

No one remembers me :(

Every time he put in a joke character (a non-game character, an Internet meme, some random fanart of a character who's already in SSB, an inanimate object, his dog, etc...), I was like "He included this but probably didn't include Mary O..."

Towards the end, I was like "29 characters to go and still no Mary O..."

At 491-500, the end of the "whatever video game characters he could think of" section:
INTROSPECKTIVE: The Sims. Diablo. A ******* Tetris block. Mary O., the--
ME: *pauses video to have a chance to process whether or not I heard that last part right, then fanboys because this guy ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF MARY O. EVENTUALLY... even if she's number 494 on the list, she's one of the few he felt the need to explain where she's from ("the guide from Mario Maker"), apparently a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich and other joke characters are higher priority, and this is an entertainment video anyway and not a list of confirmed characters, AT LEAST HE REMEMBERED MARY O. EVENTUALLY*

I wanna know who did that fanart of her he used, too! I didn't think Mary O. could possibly get any cuter but I was wrong ♥

So, yeah. That's what it's like to be as obsessed as I am with such an obscure character. :)

I'm guessing probably none of you would know who Mary O. is if it weren't for my journal but have any of you ever been so obsessed with any obscure-ish fictional character (doesn't even have to be a crush) that you get THIS excited if anyone so much as knows who that character is? I don't want to feel like I'm the only one who's like this...