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I know I say this every week or so, but I'm still here

Sorry I haven't posted in a while even though my 21st birthday was last week. For my birthday I went on a trip to New Orleans with Mom, pathvain_aelien, and ellaina02, and I was going to post as soon as I got back. But then it started feeling like it would be too much effort to post about all of it since so much happened, so even though we got back on the 16th, it was only just now that I was able to convince myself to post anything. And even that's only because I decided I wouldn't add tags to it yet.

So anyway, what we did:

- The night before we went to New Orleans, we stayed at a haunted hotel in Jefferson, Texas. Most of it think it felt like it really was haunted, but we were all too sleepy to stay up and try to witness anything that was definitely unusual...
- In New Orleans we went on a swamp tour where we saw some alligators (and some raccoons on the shore, or whatever the swamp equivalent of a shore is because I'm not good with that kind of terminology), went on some streetcar rides (which would have been fun if there hadn't been so many confusing detours :( ), and went gambling a couple of times :) And despite having decided a long time ago to never drink alcohol even once even after I turned 21, I changed my mind at the last minute (well, not minute...) and had a strawberry daiquiri. I'm still going to refrain from having alcohol more than once in a while, but it was good :)
- Probably something else that I'm forgetting, since there were a lot of confusing moments on the trip.

My presents that I've gotten so far, aside from the trip itself:
- Ticket to a Sarah McLachlan concert on August 3!
- I get to pick out two games from the Nintendo eShop. I plan on getting Crashmo and Tomodachi Life, but I haven't bought them yet (though I already got the demo of the latter so I could decide for sure that I'd like it). Though at first I thought that pathvain_aelien meant that I could buy the games with my own debit card (or whatever it's called because I'm still financially illiterate after all these years), so I got NES Remix 2 as well before she clarified that I was supposed to... well, actually I'm still not sure exactly how I'm supposed to pay for the other two games (and I can't even describe my vague understanding of how I was supposed to do it except the money was supposed to be from either P_A or from Mom, and I forget which), so that's why I haven't done it yet. P_A, could you post a comment here explaining it both for me and for everyone else?
- Cards
- Probably other stuff that I forgot.

You know what? If you have any questions you want to ask me about the trip or my presents, you'd probably get better answers from P_A than you would from me. This is why I held off on writing this entry for so long - I can't explain things well even when I understand them completely :(

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It's my party and I'll reference the same song I referenced last year if I wanna

Welp, I have somehow managed to survive everything for 18 whole years. Go me!!

I haven't gotten my birthday presents yet, but I did go gambling for a little while (awehla, I mentioned in a comment that it'd be tomorrow, but the plans ended up changing). I won $63!!! And we had a party at the autism intervention group I go to!

And, of course, the usual Museum of Accomplishments post:

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Also, in addition to today being my birthday, this is my 700th post in this journal!! I was going to celebrate with a list of the subject lines from all 700 entries in my journal (and, for once, even my community entries!), but I left my laptop unplugged while I was typing it, and since my laptop doesn't have a low battery alarm (despite claiming that it does), I lost a lot of it and decided to give up. Maybe for my 800th or 1000th entry?