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Name That Super Smash Bros. Character

You know Super Smash Bros., right? That fighting game starring such iconic video game all-stars as Larry, Mario, Princess Twinkie, Yogi, Kong 1, Zelda, The Beautiful Woman Interviewing Me, Shamu, Pudgy Airplane, Donald Duck's Offspring, Wombat?, Crash Bandicoot, Yellow Man, Charlie Brown, King Arthur, Knights of the Crooked Sword, Pegasus Dude, The Princess of Something, Triangle-Nosed Boy, The Unknown Yoga Person, Kid With a Crazy Sword Thing, Garfield and Friends, Something the Hedgehog, a LEGO, Happy, and more? ;)

Yeah, apparently, at some point around the time the 3DS and Wii U versions were released, there was a trend of people on YouTube showing their relatives (or, in at least one case, random people) all the playable characters' artwork and asking them to try to guess their names.

These are all of the videos of this sort that I've found so far*, and most of them are just so funny that even if you have no interest in video games whatsoever, I recommend that you watch at least one! :D (I highly recommend not reading the comments on certain ones, though...)

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*Except for one that's in Spanish and doesn't have enough subtitles for me to understand anything besides the characters' actual names. Also, eventually I found that there were so many that I decided to narrow it down by just watching ones that had at least a thousand views for now (though that was after I watched a couple that had less).

infinite-paragraph essay

Arguments for and against AUTHOR CANCELLED

I just worked on the rough draft of my research paper for 4 or 5 hours. Guess what I managed to finish? Editing the outline. About half of the introduction. A tiny bit of one body paragraph. And that's all I have to show for myself. And I only have 2 more days to work on it.

"Research Paper of the Apocalypse" is an understatement now. So is "Research Paper of the Apocalypse of the Apocalypse". In fact, even...

10 print "Research Paper"
20 print " of the Apocalypse"
30 goto 20
40 end

...is an understatement, because at this rate, I'll be done by Thursday. No, not the Thursday it's due on - the one after that. Which is also two days after the Day of Frozen Pets (it gets tedious to say "the 666th day after my first 666 dream" over and over).

Speaking of the Day of Frozen Pets, today I realized that that's 100 days before my birthday. Scary...

Anyways, don't expect to see me for a LOOOOOOONG time. :(

infinite-paragraph essay

Homework Apocalypse Comet in orbit!

Well, I managed to procrastinate the remaining notes and outline for my research paper until tomorrow again, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't due the day after that. I also have to write a college scholarship essay by next Monday, and even though it's due after my research paper is, I have to write it first because it's supposedly more important.

Two quizzes:

You Are a Blue M&M

You are an affable and likable person. You are a natural people-pleaser.

You change your mind constantly. Everything ends up sounding good to you.

You like to keep your options open, but your mind isn't muddled. You're a very clear thinker.

You love people, and you're an optimist about everyone you meet. Friendship is important to you.

How am I an optimist?

You Are a Newspaper

You enjoy order and structure. You don't like it when things change much from day to day.

You are primarily concerned with the present. You don't like to speculate about the future.

You are straightforward and honest. You pride yourself on being easy to read.

You are a people person. You wish you could connect with every single person in the world.

I actually find newspapers hard to read. Hard to read without making a mess of papers everywhere, that is. I also REALLY like speculating on the future, if my use of the word "apocalypse" in this entry's subject line is any indication.



The bad news? For homework, I have some terms in history to define, an [gmajorvoice]essay outline[/gmajorvoice] in history, and a [gmajorvoice]parody of The Raven[/gmajorvoice] to write.

The good news? It's the weekend.

The rest of the bad news? I accidentally fell asleep for 3 hours once I got home.