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2010 nnwm procrastinator

Here comes procrastination

I was going to update the interests in my profile (for real this time), albeit by removing a few outdated interests, adding as many new ones as will fit, and then put a list of ALL the interests I wanted to include in my bio. (As opposed to making a program to figure out which 150 interests are the most frequently/recently mentioned in my journal so I could put those in my "real" interests list - I still plan to do that, but not right away.)

Anyway, I was looking online for a way to count how long my updated interests list is without having to actually put it in (or rather, how many commas are in it - then I just add 1). I found such a page, but that site also had a bunch of other features I wanted to check out, so... I did.

Right now I'm looking at this one. I put in "matt" three times. I forgot what order I got these results, so I put them from least to most weird:

Collapse )

I'm probably going to play around with it some more. There goes my productivity.