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The Infinite Loop of PrtScLanditude (finally posted!)

(I finally posted it. Here goes nothing...)

(By the way, pathvain_aelien and ellaina02, I added a few things after the proofreading)

CHARACTER 15: I have a really fantastic idea for a new website.
ELIZA: We all have something we're ashamed of. Don't we?
{beat panel}
CHARACTER 15: Yes. Depressing, isn't it.

What's sad is that recently-- Well, okay, not that recently, due to the long amount of time it took to write this entry, have it proofread, and continue to worry about whether or not it makes sense even after I had it proofread. But last October, I was hit with a realization similar to Character 15's, and I'm not even a randomly generated webcomic character.

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2010 nnwm procrastinator

Writer's Block: Auld Lang Syne

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you think you'll stick to any of them? If so, for how long?
I have two this year:

1) To do, on average, less than four stupid things per day (i.e. 1,459 or less throughout the year). And yes, pathvain_aelien, I know everyone does stupid things, but I decided I want to see if I actually do so more often than most people like it always seems like. Anyway, I'll probably be able to keep this one until January 3.
2) To work on one or more of my various semi-creative projects (i.e. new LJ userpics, Moya's Space Log [For anyone that's reading this from the recent answers page, that's a story I tried to write for NaNoWriMo that's based on Super Mario Galaxy 2 but with Enya and Moya joining the Mario Bros. It's in a custom friends group, so comment here if you want to read it], Ours Will You 1-Up [which sadly has been under new management for over a year now], etc.) at least an hour (if more than one project, at least an hour altogether) a day for at least 317 days of the year (giving me 4 days per month, a little less than a day per week, to procrastinate or have an unreasonable amount of homework). I'll probably be able to keep this one until January 5.

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Userpic Wars V: At least it's in a custom friends group this time

This time, I'm just gonna put the new ideas (as well as one older idea that I somehow missed the last two times) in this post. The rest are here.

Let's All Throw Books at Myrtle - From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Myrtle says, "Let's all throw books at Myrtle because she can't feel it. Ten points if it goes through her stomach. FIFTY POINTS IF IT GOES THROUGH HER HEAD!!"
Officious 2010 NaNoWriMo Procrastinator - The NaNoWriMo marathon guy runs to the left with his pencil, with the eraser in front of him. The "officious" is recycled from a rejected userpic idea - I wanted to make a userpic of Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.'s "Officious Seeing Eye B****" shirt, but I wanted to keep my userpics free of cussing (even cuss words that are used with their actual meaning like this).
Pac-Man Massacre - From a Whose Line is it Anyway? Props skit - a team put two yellow Pac-Man-like props on the ground and one of them said something like, "This is the worst Pac-Man massacre I've ever seen!" This is the one that I had forgotten to include in the last two polls.
You Always Disagree With Me - From Garfield & Friends. Bo: You always disagree with me! Lanolin: I do not! Bo: See, you just disagreed with me! Lanolin: I did not! Bo: Okay, fine, you never disagree with me. Lanolin: Yes, I do!

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A question?

Let's All Throw Books at Myrtle
Officious 2010 NaNoWriMo Procrastinator
Pac-Man Massacre
You Always Disagree With Me

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Alright, I'll shut up

I started worrying that the reason I haven't gotten very many comments lately could be because most of you have filtered me on your friends pages due to all of my Moya's Space Log and userpic poll posts taking up a lot of space on them. So I made two custom friends groups - "Moya's Space Log Readers" and "Userpic Voters". "Moya's Space Log Readers" consists of those who have commented on Moya's Space Log - pathvain_aelien and rovanda - while "Userpic Voters" is empty because no one has voted yet. So if you want to read MSL and/or vote for the userpics you want me to have, just tell me and I'll add you to the group(s)!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it, by the way :)