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The 2010s just called. They want my stupidity back.

Those of you who have known me for only three years or less may think a lot of my recent entries and comments were dumb and irrational and badly-worded and didn't make a lot of sense.

Well, you're not wrong. Several of my recent entries were dumb and irrational and badly-worded and didn't make a lot of sense. Not just coronavirus-related ones, either.

But (with a few exceptions) they're nothing compared to some of the entries newer readers may have missed.

So I suggest we try to put this in perspective. If you've only been reading my journal since 2017 or later, I recommend that you do the following:

1) Pick a random date between February 2009 (or August 2007, if you're REALLY daring!) and the day I became friends with you on LJ or DW.
2) Go to http://matt1993.livejournal.com/YYYY/MM/DD or http://matt1993.dreamwidth.org/YYYY/MM/DD for that day.
3) Marvel at just how STUPID those entries and my comments on them were! (Unless it turns out there weren't any for that day. Or you're lucky enough to find a good entry.) But do try to keep in mind what my age was at the time (I was born in 1993).
4) Optional: Let me know if you come across any that have broken links or broken images or something that I haven't fixed.
5) Repeat steps 1-4 until you're like "Maybe Matt's recent entries aren't that bad after all, for the most part..."
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A bunch of random things I've been meaning to post about

Two things I meant to post about last month but never did for whatever reason:

- On October 12 my friend and I went to the State Fair of Texas! That was fun. I was stressed about it because I'd never had a guest over other than pathvain_aelien, but it turned out well for the most part. :)
- On October 19 pathvain_aelien, ellaina02, and I went to a VR show!... VR demonstration? What would the right term be?

And some things I thought of to post about more recently:

- The Irregular Webcomic! forums are GONE?! Possibly FOREVER?! Which means the mezzacotta, Square Root of Minus Garfield, Lightning Made of Owls, and Comments on a Postcard forums (all of which I read a lot more than the one for IWC itself) are ALSO gone?!
While I didn't like the fact that those forums often had a lot of drama in them, with so many people overanalyzing everything (more so than in Square Root of Minus Garfield itself), arguing about what is or is not art/humor/etc., and so on, and as such haven't been to those forums in a while, there were also just enough forum threads I DID find interesting or amusing that I wanted to eventually go back and read what I missed. Now I might not be able to do that! That was such a big forum, even archive.org probably won't have EVERYTHING!
And that means that since I've linked to that forum sometimes, I'm gonna have to go back and fix ALL of those broken links to point to the archive.org versions. I WAS up to early 2018 in my slow journey to fix everything I needed to fix in my entries... now this sets me back to late 2011! :(
EDIT: Also, does today's mezzacotta (not IWC) comic show up for anyone? It doesn't for me. Nor does this one. It looks like if you put in the date for any comic that has not already been generated, it fails to load it. :(
This is the THIRD TIME (at least) that this comic has been broken in the past few years! I'm scared!

- On a happier note, yesterday I was flipping through a random catalog and in the section for bedroom sets, one of their bed designs is named after Enya. ENYA. That is awesome. Maybe I should pick that the next time I need new bed sheets!
(Also, that same catalog had a section on video games, which makes this probably the first catalog I've ever read to mention Mario AND Enya. This of course made it even better for me. I have a long history of getting disproportionately excited whenever there's a Mario reference AND an Enya reference in relatively close proximity.) :)
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Circle Versus Square

How typical.

Circle Versus Square, one of my favorite webcomics, went down earlier this year (or was it last year?) and was down for SO LONG that I ended up deciding that *I* will make a comprehensive list of links to what's left of the site in an easier-to-navigate format so that people who haven't read Circle Versus Square before or want to reread it (which... is there even anyone besides me who cares about this comic? I haven't seen ANYONE on the Internet mention CVS more recently than 2017!) can do so more easily.

And I sat down and, on a fairly regular basis, typed up links to the individual comics (which were somehow still up; it was just the main page that was down) and the archive.org versions of their corresponding news posts (and even replacements for some of the broken links in the news posts!) one by one. It took a while, but I made it over halfway though.

And then, out of nowhere, Wakcher finally put the site back up now. That saves me some time - SOME - but only after I've already wasted so much time compiling links to over half of the archive.

(And it doesn't help that it turns out that not only are fans of Wakcher's new project GoatVsFish making fun of anyone who still likes Circle Versus Square, but now even Wakcher himself is doing the making-fun-of now with the new header on the CVS site. :( )

Well, here's what the introduction to my replacement CVS archive would have been if I'd finished it before there was no need for it anymore:

I forget if I mentioned this already, but this year Circle Versus Square went down. AGAIN. And unlike the first time I saw it go down, it's stayed down for a LONG time instead of coming back up the next day. And I may never know why because a Google search suggests that no one besides me, not even the author himself, remembers that CVS ever existed. It's now the Mary O. of webcomics! :(

For some reason, though, it's only the individual comic pages and the custom 404 error page that are gone - other pages such as the about page, the characters page, the letters from Mr. Z, and even the archive are still up.

And it's not even possible to see the comics on archive.org, because all of the images are broken even there! Only the news posts are left!

But it turns out all the comic images ARE still hosted on the site itself! (All 216 of them - I checked!) They're just not linked to properly from the main page or archive page or anywhere on the Internet anymore. And they don't have the news posts right there with them - until now!

If the author of the comic isn't going to fix his website, I guess it's now my duty as the last remaining CVS fan to make my OWN version of the archive page with added links to the comics and news posts, to make it easier to navigate what's left of the site!

If you've never read it before, I recommend it. I bolded my personal favorites. :)

...well, since I didn't finish the list of links and don't want to post it in an unfinished state, I guess I don't get to bold or otherwise denote my favorites. Maybe I'll make a separate list of my favorite CVS strips someday.

And here's this quiz I found and took and decided I would post the result of at the bottom of the same entry:

Collapse )
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Ridiculously early 2018 Calendar Year in Review?!

It's December now? GOOD!! Because at least there's one New Year's meme I can get out of the way now, six days before I get too distracted playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to remember to do it. :)

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2018. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review".

January 2018

I think there's a glitch in my copy of Windows 7. It says today's date is "1/1/2018". I thought the year 2018 didn't exist - didn't the world end in 2017?

February 2018

YES! I'm FINALLY done fixing all of my entries in 2007-2010! (Hopefully...)

March 2018

It's Friday already and not Tuesday or Wednesday... but at least this is still the most regular feature I've had in my journal since the weekly Garfield Randomizer comics in 2009!

(This, of course, is about my weekly Miiverse backup entries... which of course did not remain a regular feature for long...)

April 2018


May 2018

So I found this two-part YouTube video called "500 Characters I Want In Smash Bros. Switch"...

June 2018

About time I posted some more of these. Once again, I meant to post them last week...

July 2018

- On June 14 or 15 or so I saw The Incredibles 2, then saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom a week or two later! I liked both :)

August 2018

It took four days (more than that if you count the time I spent putting it off), but I'm finally done fixing one of my longest and most cringeworthy entries ever! :D

September 2018

Well... it's September 4. So Sunday was the first anniversary of the day I was finally motivated - by a glitch LJ had for about three weeks where a lot of images were suddenly broken in entries - to finally get around to fixing the broken images AND everything else I wanted to fix in my entries on both LJ and DW.

October 2018

WARNING: I am extremely depressed and therefore this entry is going to make no sense whatsoever because I am physically incapable of wording an opinion very well when I am depressed.

November 2018

pathvain_aelien stayed at my apartment for a while; in that time we watched the How To Train Your Dragon TV show! (Specifically, the third of the three shows there were. P_A, what was the third show called again? Dragons: Race to the Edge.) We made it to season 4. :) Have any of you watched it?

December 2018

It's December now? GOOD!! Because at least there's one New Year's meme I can get out of the way now, six days before I get too distracted playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to remember to do it. :)
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OF COURSE the week I noticed that a bunch of Photobucket images that used to be broken are suddenly back for whatever reason is ALSO the same week that I find out that Irish Breakfast, yet another one of the many webcomics I want to read someday that I discovered through a long chain of webcomics being linked to from other webcomics I'd stumbled upon, is gone now. Before I got to read it.

...Oh wow, turns out the situation is even worse than I thought it was when I started writing this entry. At least TWO webcomics I wanted to read are gone now that weren't before, because I had to find the URL for Bitmap World so I could link to it just now and it turns out it was taken down as well (but last year rather than last month). :( (And of course it HAD to be Bitmap World... in the chain of webcomics from Square Root of Minus Garfield to Request Comics that led to me discovering Irish Breakfast, Bitmap World was the only one where I still had yet to read anything except the "characters from other webcomics, including Irregular Webcomic! and Terror Island, in Bitmap World style" page and a couple other miscellaneous non-comic pages.)

At least they're both on archive.org... I'm so dependent on archive.org nowadays. If archive.org itself ever went down, I would probably DIE. If it had never existed, I probably would've died LAST YEAR. :(

Why do so many webcomic authors feel like they need to take down their stuff??? Every time that happens, I have to go visit whatever other websites I like that I can think of off the top of my head just to see if any of them are ALSO gone! O_O

So, as a tribute to Bitmap World, here's a list of all the webcomics I can think of that I wouldn't know about if they hadn't drawn both Irregular Webcomic! and Terror Island characters in their style: (NOTE TO SELF: make these links when I have the time to do so)

Bitmap World itself
Terror Island
Triangle and Robert (which is another one that's went down but I knew about that already, and it's one of the few to go down AFTER I got to read it all the way through)
Request Comics
tiny ghosts
Irish Breakfast
Nutflix (I haven't read that either but wanted to, but I checked just now and I think that's also gone now. THAT MAKES THREE. :( )
Tall Comics (I haven't read that either but want to)
I know there's at least one more but I don't have the time to try and find the name of it.

Fixing all the can't cans


The past is slightly less gone!

Haven't you always wondered what that entry from 2012 when I discovered the Garfield as Garfield site would be like if six years later, I spent several hours in a row going through web.archive.org's copy of the site and manually putting together a list of links to ALL the comics it managed to save in chronological order, and then retroactively put that list into the entry, just to make up for the fact that the site itself is gone now? No? Well, maybe you can enjoy that entry anyway. ;)

Hopefully there's not any mistakes in that list... if there are, let me know. :)
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A pretty amusing website I found


A dating website for ghosts. I especially like the terms of use, contact, and dating tips pages - those are pretty funny. :)

EDIT IN 2019: Unfortunately, while everything else on the site is still there, the ghosts' profile pages are all broken now and only some of them are saved on archive.org.

Time to turn this entry into a more manageable way to navigate what archive.org managed to salvage!

Female ghosts:

Male ghosts:
wraithyguy (archive.org didn't save the page)
1spirit (archive.org didn't save the page)
4ever_lost (archive.org didn't save the page)

Also, invalid username page that I didn't know about until now.

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Lorem ipsum positivity optimism moving forward, renewal smile letting go sunshine happy amet. :)

Earlier today, I had what is probably the best idea I've ever had since... something that was a very good idea.

I've had this same journal style ("Pale Yellows" recolored to have a black background with the colors that the letters and digits in "matt1993" have in my synesthesia) since before the Forbidden Comment Threads - about 0;139 BFCTE, to be precise - long after I eventually discovered that seeing red and green text on a black background all the time started to hurt my eyes after a while. Before that, beginning at some point in 2009, it was "Pale Yellows" recolored with tetradic colors, which made it yellow, purple, blue, and bluish-green, if I remember correctly - and the entries had black text on a white background. And even further back, it was "Pale Yellows" with no changes to the colors. I know I changed the font at some point but I don't exactly remember when.

Anyway, even though I knew that the synesthesia version (at least the way I'd implemented it) started to hurt my eyes after a while and has probably been hurting your eyes for even longer than that (unless you're relatively new here), I put off changing it again for a REALLY long time. I don't really remember why.

Well, now I have a second reason to change it: I'm considering changing it back to the unmodified (palette-wise) version of Pale Yellows! It would hopefully feel like a new beginning or a return to the good old days in 2009 when my journal was actually interesting and not just a whole bunch of "It's been 3½ years and what happened in asperger still makes me feel like every word I say will be seen as racist, sexist, and homophobic..." entries! (speaking of, I feel that it's important to show you guys the newest reason I have for feeling that way... [EDIT IN 2019: Well, apparently the video is no longer there (probably for good reason), and the closest thing I could find to an archive of it is this (and I'd completely even forgotten what video I was talking about until I saw the title and was like "oh yeah, that thing"), so I guess I'll reluctantly have to describe it: Collapse )]) And I never did finish updating all of the images that are broken now that Ours Will You 1-Up is nope more - maybe seeing my old journal style will help motivate me to work on it!

I haven't changed it yet, though. I just feel the need to give you guys some sort of heads up that my journal might suddenly have a "new" style. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention (in case anyone is like "Aw, but I liked how you worked your synesthesia into your journal style!"): It's possible that later on, I will find some other way to work my synesthesia's colors for "matt1993" into my journal style, but I will still take care to avoid having light text on dark backgrounds. My CS professors have made it all too clear to me that it's hard to read. :)

In other news, despite getting Tomodachi Life for my birthday last year, it wasn't until this month that I started getting really addicted to it. I'm saying this because the first step to finding a solution is admitting that I have a problem, so I will: My problem is that Enya probably still has feelings for Mario even though he's with Peach, and Zelda probably still has feelings for Strong Sad even though he's with Dido. LOL