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updated prtsc land me

Some results are in! (and my Internet is too slow for me to change the userpic...)

There's only two votes so far in this poll, but I gave each thing to do 1 point for each first-choice vote it has, 1/2 a point for each second-choice vote, 1/4 a point for each third-choice vote, etc., and catching up on my friends page more is currently in the lead with 1.25 points.

However, as I've mentioned in a couple of places after posting that poll, realizing how many unfinished projects I had made me depressed for a while because it sunk in even deeper that I probably will never finish all of them, and I felt even worse about abandoning most of them for two or three years. While I feel a little better about it right now, this probably isn't the best time to risk seeing much more online drama.

I'll continue reading new entries in my friends page at least once every 3 days like I've been doing (and I might read it a little more often now that I've seen the poll results), but I really think I should post the lists of non-LJ-related things I'm worried you'll hate me for and of things that remind me of the Forbidden Comment Threads fairly soon (because, remember, I probably do have to do so eventually for my mental health).

At the same time, I also don't want to wait too long before I finish catching up on my friends page, so I came up with the idea to work on both things at the same time with this method:

Collapse )

But even that compromise doesn't seem like something I should work on right this moment given the state I've been in (but, fortunately, not this moment), although I'll probably start switching back and forth between other things and this later on when I'm in an even better mood.

The next highest project in the results is finishing those autism self-help books, with exactly 1 point, but I think right now I should go with something that I won't have a lot of time to do next semester while I still have the chance.

The third highest score is new userpics with 0.5078125 points (one second choice and one eighth choice), so for now I'm going with that :) Although that will also have to wait for a bit... I was planning on making a separate table and poll about my userpic ideas, but all I've finished so far is a list of them. (And given how I only remember some of my ideas when I'm not writing any down, I'm probably not even done with that...) So I'm gonna have to get started pretty soon!

In the meantime, here's a few videos I've been meaning to post here!

http://mostexcitingworld.com/video-helmet-camera-captures-firefighter-bringing-a-tiny-kitten-back-to-life/ - I don't think I can embed the video, but this firefighter actually took the time to revive a kitten he found. Very heartwarming! (EDIT IN 2018: The link is broken now, but I found an archived version of the article with the video still missing and the video itself separately.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bB7obyuuY8 I can't embed this either since my Internet is being slow, but these people recreated the dance scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Cute!



Over the past week or so, my depression about the Forbidden Comment Threads, my ability to focus, my common sense, and my ability to speak without stumbling over words have all steadily gotten worse.

You know I've said how if I end up with too many creative vortexes stuck in my head at once, I might end up regressing? I think it's actually happening now, except most likely because of the Forbidden Comment Threads instead. I probably don't have much time left...

On some more positive notes:

Collapse )

- This is my 900th entry!!! At least it is if you include my glossary. If you don't, then my next entry (whatever it happens to be) will be the 900th.

- I changed the "♯ comments" and "Post a comment" text in my journal to say "I glued ♯ blenders to my face" and "Is it Saturday night already?!" (both of which are a Garfield reference or - perhaps more famously - a Square Root of Minus Garfield reference). I've been considering changing that text ever since I took Ours Will You 1-Up down and thus made "I'm ♯-Up"/"Will me 1-Up" stand out as oddly-phrased. (Actually, it probably stood out like that even while OWY1U was up.) And now I finally did! I also changed the current mood text to "This mood coming through", another Garfield/SROMG reference.

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

Seriously, PETA?


"In a mini-site called Mario Kills Tanooki, PETA is lampooning the plumber for his new Tanooki Tail Power-Suit, claiming it encourages the wearing of fur."

Seriously? First of all, they didn't even get the facts right - the Tanooki Suit is neither new nor called the "Tanooki Tail Power-Suit". Furthermore, Collapse ), yet they complain about Super Mario 3D Land where he gets it from a Super Leaf.

I'm all for animal rights, but PETA goes too far...


Some more findings in notes from my autism therapy

A couple more surprising findings:

- Apparently, during a few of the times that I wasn't paying attention back then, I would still answer questions consistently correctly - I definitely can't do that now! Then again, I'm assuming that "not attending" means not paying attention - it might just mean not making eye contact or something.
- Knowing my current talent with mathematics, you'd think that that identifying numbers and counting would be one of the few things that I was perfect at back then, but apparently not - I actually got certain numbers mixed up sometimes. And, just like with letters, this includes combinations of numbers that have completely different colors in my current grapheme→color synesthesia (12 vs. 11, 8 vs. 6, 8 vs. 7...). Knowing this, I'd say my mom was probably lying when she says that I hacked into her computer at age 2...

A couple of funny things I found:

- While being taught occupations, at one point I mixed up the descriptions of a vet and a fireman and said that a vet "puts out animals".
- While being taught opposites, I was asked what the opposite of "bad sitting" was (those therapists never seemed to like the way I was sitting :P) and so I said "bad standing".

bowser green pipe

Writer's Block: Everything's coming up rabbits

What sign were you born under in the Chinese lunar calendar? Do you think it accurately represents your animal spirit?
I'm supposed to be a rooster, though I'm MUCH more like a rabbit. I guess I'm a rabbit in a rooster suit?

By the way, a funny thing happened while I was making this entry. I decided that this userpic fit this entry the best because those born in the year of the rabbit are supposed to be shy, but when I went to choose it, I realized that I had, in fact, forgotten to upload it with my two other Super Mario Galaxy 2 userpics! So thanks for the reminder, whoever came up with this question :P

homsar's skull

"Author cancelled" is an understatement now

Here is all of the homework I had today (regardless of whether or not it is due tomorrow or whether or not I have done it today).

- Packet in anatomy due Friday (I've done 2/3 of it)
- Some history terms (done)
- Review for history final next Wednesday (including an essay)
- Review for test on The Great Gatsby next Friday (filled out already)
- Review for English final Friday after next (including two essays)
- Some math (done)
- Yearbook digital photography research paper (done)
- HAS stuff

Also, something I forgot to post yesterday:

"•No any spaces in the file title"

Lemme get this straight.

0. A typo
1. A typo in instructions
2. A typo in instructions for a class assignment
3. A typo in instructions for a class assignment in a NASA program
4. A typo in instructions for a class assignment in a NASA program that gives the hardest essay topics I've seen

Ah, irony⁴.

That made me feel a little better. How about I make fun of Quiz Galaxy too?

QuizGalaxy.comYou will spend your time eating pineapples.

Yes, because "You will spend your time eating pineapples" is totally an animal.

updated prtsc land me

I haven't taken a quiz in a while so...

Matt's creature-nemesis:

The Dreaded TREEFROG

Frog, huh?

NIMMO1140142492720: For three and a half years, I have had one of the least creative names ever. Rename me or DIE!
ME: Let's see...Cranther!
NIMMO1140142492720: NO!!
ME: Juke?
NIMMO1140142492720: NO!!
ME: KnoneN?
NIMMO1140142492720: NO!!
ME: Uh...Waenya??
NIMMO1140142492720: NO! Waenya is a girl's name!! *starts throwing lily pads at me*