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Whatever Matt Feels Like Posting

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A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform
Hi! Welcome to my journal. I've posted all sorts of entries here for quite some time now. Unfortunately, it's been made clear to me over the past few years that at least 90% of them are stupid, so I'm in the middle of figuring out how to overhaul this journal so the best entries are more visible than the terrible ones.

I finally got around to updating this profile for the first time in a few years. And by "updating" I mean "getting rid of all the cringey stuff on it that made more sense in my past self's head". I'll re-add some of the non-cringey stuff later on when I feel like it.

Probably the most important things you should know about me are:
- I'm autistic. As such, I'm not very good at wording things even when I think I am, so a lot of times what I mean to say is very different from what I end up saying.
- I also have rejection sensitive dysphoria, so I worry a lot about people judging or hating me for all sorts of reasons.
- Rule of thumb: whenever I post about something I heard about that may or may not be true and am like "This is definitely happening and this is bad!!!", it doesn't mean I'm trying to spread misinformation; it typically means that what I WANTED to say was more like "hey, I saw this, I know it might not be true but I'm worried about what it'd imply about me or the future if it IS true, so I need to know if this is true or false from someone who's better than I am at discerning if this is something to worry about".
- Old entries in my journal (and even the newer ones, on occasion) have a lot of inside jokes in them originating from dreams, backwards lyrics, previous entries, and other things I used to be obsessed with. I used to have a glossary of all these inside jokes in this bio and later in a sticky entry, but then I put off updating it for so long that I decided it's not in a state where I feel comfortable even linking to it from my bio. But I still feel I should warn you that a lot of my old entries sound weird for that reason.

I'll add some stuff here about my interests and some links to important entries later, but right now getting all the cringe off this profile so I don't have to think about how much cringe is on here is the main thing.
14, 15, 666, algebra, alphabet, anxiety, apocalypse, ascii, asperger's, asperger's syndrome, autism, backwards lyrics, backwards music, beautiful women, being hard on myself, being weird, calculus, cats, celine dion, characters from dreams, chocolate, christianity, christmas, coldplay, colors, comics, computers, crossovers, céline dion, depression, dido, disney, disney/pixar, drawing, dream analysis, dream characters, dream journals, dreams, enya, forgiveness, future, garfield, garfield randomizer, gibberish, glitches, h*r, homestar runner, ice cream, infinity, infp, inside jokes, introverts, kirby, kittens, letters, livejournal, lj, macaroni & cheese, macaroni and cheese, mario, mario kart, mario kart wii, mario party, matchbox 20, matchbox twenty, math, mathematics, microsoft paint, more than 150 interests, mortal instruments, ms paint, neopets, nes, nintendo, nintendo 64, non-sequiturs, nonsense, not cussing, numbers, orange, ours will you 1-up, paint, pi, pixel art, precision, predicting the future, procrastination, programming, prophecies, prophetic dreams, prtsc land, puns, randomly generated comics, randomness, regret, regrets, relaxation, relaxing, sadness, sarah mclachlan, sbemails, screenshots, sleep, sleeping, smash bros., smash brothers, smb, smw, smw glitches, snes, social anxiety, soothing music, ssb, ssbb, strong bad, strong bad email, super mario bros., super mario brothers, super mario galaxy, super mario world, super mario world glitches, super nes, super nintendo, super smash bros., super smash bros. brawl, super smash brothers, super smash brothers brawl, the alphabet, the future, time, time travel, timekeeping, unicode, unpopular opinions, unusual names, video game music, video games, wacky crossovers, webcomics, weird dreams, weird names, weirdness, wii, windows, women, worry, worrying, yellow, π,

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