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conga of the apocalypse


Well, today is the day that Miiverse is shut down at 10 PM PST. (which would be midnight in Central where I live, so... I guess for me, it's not actually today? Whatever.)

Out of all the drastic changes this year (so far), I think this is the only one that I'm not all that upset about. Miiverse started out as probably the most positive online community ever, but it didn't stay that way for long - eventually it went so downhill, it's been years since the last time I visited Miiverse itself. I'd still read posts whenever they appeared in game (Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Nintendo Badge Arcade, etc.), but I think the last time I went to Miiverse itself was 2014. Maybe 2015. I didn't even hurriedly try to find a way to save my own posts somewhere. (Though while looking up information about the discontinuation, I did notice that there's a way to request a downloadable archive of my posts, but I doubt I'll have time to figure out where to go to do that in the next few hours.)

...okay, forget what I said about not being all that disappointed. NOW it's making me kind of sad. :( Maybe I'll try and get an archive of my posts after all.

EDIT: Submitted the request! That was easier than expected. So easy, I must've done it twice by accident because it told me I submitted it already. :)

While I'm on Miiverse for the last time, have some random stats about my Miiverse account:

Following 53 users


256 posts (hey, a nice nerdy number! And I wasn't even trying to have any of these be interesting numbers!)

1,788 Yeahs

Last post was on November 23, 2016 in Nintendo Badge Arcade. (Though it ALMOST was not the last post; for Valentine's Day 2017, I had every intention of celebrating by putting badges of the lovely Mary O. and a bunch of hearts from Zelda on my HOME menu because I'm the sort of dork who would at least consider doing that and posting that to the Nintendo Badge Arcade community. I did in fact make such a HOME menu, but didn't post it because it wasn't Valentine's Day yet - and for whatever reason, making it again on Valentine's Day and posting it slipped my mind. Probably because that was so soon after work started.)

I only made two Miiverse posts overall in 2016, and none in 2015 - the last one before that was on July 29, 2014 in the NES Remix 2 community. (I'm not surprised that this was so soon after Lucina and Robin were confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 4 - I do remember how the last time I checked Miiverse regularly, it seemed like EVERY SINGLE POST in the SSB community was like "With my Levin Sword, I'll _____".)

Speaking of which, my bio is:

"I'm a sensei; i.e., SNES am I!
(translation: I've been playing video games since the NES and SNES. My all-time favorite classic game: Super Mario World!)

I can't wait to play Super Smash Bros. 4, but I'd be even MORE excited if people would stop whining about the roster being just SLIGHTLY different from what they want. I really hope that there'll be less of that once the game's released..."

...SSB3DS has been out for over three years, and in a couple of weeks, that'll also be true of SSBU. I went THREE YEARS without updating that bio. Why do I have the sudden urge to turn up the hearing aid that I don't have?

Well, whatever. At least now my Miiverse posts will be turned into an ice cube so future generations can thaw them out and marvel at my same-length legs! :)
identicon from antheastrezze.com

List of my userpics by order added

As I've mentioned a while back, I plan on replacing some of my userpics with more legible versions. (even though I've procrastinated that for probably at least a year now...)

Since I knew that doing that will cause me to lose track of what order I added my userpics, I kept a list of my userpics in my profile in order added - but I'm starting to run out of room on my profile now, so I moved it here and reformatted it into a table that hopefully looks better than the old layout.

Note that this excludes the following:
- Old versions of these userpics
- Alternate versions of some of these that I made to protest SOPA/PIPA/ACTA/etc. a few years ago

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enya box


I said in a friends-only entry earlier today that one of my classes today made me feel so uncomfortable, I felt that nothing that could possibly make my day any better.


While being reassured about what I mentioned in the entry itself also helped me feel a little better, what REALLY improved my day was:






Those moments lost, forever gone, can never be again... UNTIL NOW! It's easier to remember only good days... BECAUSE THOSE DAYS ARE BACK! :D

I missed that beautiful lady so much... ♥

The only problem is now entries like this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one seem even weirder in retrospect than they already did (is that even possible?) because many times have prooty passed* since the last time I knew for a fact that Enya is still alive and that her hiatus wasn't because of anything weird I said on LJ four years ago. I've forgotten what it was like to not be so worried about those things! :)

*Yes, I threw Homestar Runner references into a post about Enya. Enya and H*R both went on long hiatuses that began within a year of each other and ended within a year of each other, so why not? :)

gru light bulb

Lorem ipsum positivity optimism moving forward, renewal smile letting go sunshine happy amet. :)

Earlier today, I had what is probably the best idea I've ever had since... something that was a very good idea.

I've had this same journal style ("Pale Yellows" recolored to have a black background with the colors that the letters and digits in "matt1993" have in my synesthesia) since before the Forbidden Comment Threads - about 0;139 BFCTE, to be precise - long after I eventually discovered that seeing red and green text on a black background all the time started to hurt my eyes after a while. Before that, beginning at some point in 2009, it was "Pale Yellows" recolored with tetradic colors, which made it yellow, purple, blue, and bluish-green, if I remember correctly - and the entries had black text on a white background. And even further back, it was "Pale Yellows" with no changes to the colors. I know I changed the font at some point but I don't exactly remember when.

Anyway, even though I knew that the synesthesia version (at least the way I'd implemented it) started to hurt my eyes after a while and has probably been hurting your eyes for even longer than that (unless you're relatively new here), I put off changing it again for a REALLY long time. I don't really remember why.

Well, now I have a second reason to change it: I'm considering changing it back to the unmodified (palette-wise) version of Pale Yellows! It would hopefully feel like a new beginning or a return to the good old days in 2009 when my journal was actually interesting and not just a whole bunch of "It's been 3½ years and what happened in asperger still makes me feel like every word I say will be seen as racist, sexist, and homophobic..." entries! (speaking of, I feel that it's important to show you guys the newest reason I have for feeling that way... [EDIT IN 2019: Well, apparently the video is no longer there (probably for good reason), and the closest thing I could find to an archive of it is this (and I'd completely even forgotten what video I was talking about until I saw the title and was like "oh yeah, that thing"), so I guess I'll reluctantly have to describe it: Collapse )]) And I never did finish updating all of the images that are broken now that Ours Will You 1-Up is nope more - maybe seeing my old journal style will help motivate me to work on it!

I haven't changed it yet, though. I just feel the need to give you guys some sort of heads up that my journal might suddenly have a "new" style. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention (in case anyone is like "Aw, but I liked how you worked your synesthesia into your journal style!"): It's possible that later on, I will find some other way to work my synesthesia's colors for "matt1993" into my journal style, but I will still take care to avoid having light text on dark backgrounds. My CS professors have made it all too clear to me that it's hard to read. :)

In other news, despite getting Tomodachi Life for my birthday last year, it wasn't until this month that I started getting really addicted to it. I'm saying this because the first step to finding a solution is admitting that I have a problem, so I will: My problem is that Enya probably still has feelings for Mario even though he's with Peach, and Zelda probably still has feelings for Strong Sad even though he's with Dido. LOL

homsar's skull

Ancient(?) remains of a distant(?) past

EDIT: I guess I should go ahead and outright state that the intro to this entry was a joke that sounded funnier in my head, and I probably made things even more confusing later on with another joke that sounded funnier in my head. Oh well. At least I've finally picked up where I left off regarding my old userpics!

I just uncovered the remains of an ancient tablet of some sort! Here is a rough translation, but it's probably not exact because many of the symbols are hard to read:

The eight-sided medical squid wears a timekeeping device
Ride a box with wheels into the large fish
The house of constellations belongs to Sue
The bubble is only one foot into the front of the floor
The last sporting official hunts elephantlike people
The house of constellations has easily fooled blood
The house of constellations swallowed the quill
The house of constellations is haunted by the sea
The house of constellations has diploma from writing about death

It sounds random to me, but at the same time, it almost sounds like a strange prophecy. Whether it is or not, there must be something it can tell us about something, even if only about the past. Hmm...

Carbon dating analysis estimates that this mysterious tablet dates all the way back to...

The middle of February 2014? Hang on, that can't be right...

Oh wait.

This isn't a surreal prophecy or even from an ancient-looking tablet - it's just the list of which of my userpics still needed to be made more legible as of when I last asked about any of them specifically (although it does feel like that was a long time ago):

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I actually have in fact remade most of these before Christmas break - I just hadn't uploaded them here.

Well, guess what? Now I finally managed to put down Super Smash Bros. 3DS for just Luigi enough to Rosalina the two userPacs that I hadn't Wii Fit Trainered before ChristMarth break, upload all nine to LinkJournal, and Pit them all in an entry!

Uh, I mean just long enough to revamp the two userpics that I hadn't revamped... you get the idea.

Anyway... Do these versions look Bowser? I mean, better?

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This entry does not get a repost button because it is friends-only.
homestar sued



YES! I had a feeling they would listen to Wikipedia, Google, and so on! Dunno if anyone in Congress saw some of my replaced userpics too, but I'll keep pretending they did :P

Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna change the userpics I did manage to replace back to normal, although the darkened versions will remain in my userpic space until a) we find out for sure that the compromise won't be just as bad (which I doubt it will, but still...) or b) I run out of room for normal userpics (which will take a while, as I'd need over 120 more for that to happen).

I'll also continue to make more, because even if SOPA did not ruin my life by making it impossible to ever finish my creative vortexes, the darkened userpics still count as at least 300* new creative vortexes that I've gotta get rid of. They just won't be my highest priority for now.

To celebrate, I'm gonna type as many words and phrases that SOPA's too-vague wording could have cracked down on my use of despite them being fair use or not even trademarked as I can in 10 minutes:

Mario. Luigi. Peach. Daisy. Yoshi. Homestar. Strong Bad. The Cheat. Neopets. Aisha. Acara. Poogle. Illusen. Fyora. Jhudora. Garfield. Odie. Jon. Liz. Nermal. Arlene. Pooky. Lyman. Irma. /crazymegavideo/. Google. Wikipedia. /tensen/. Bowser. Koopa. Goomba. Enya. Moya. Dido. Homsar. Wænya. mezzacotta. Garfield Minus Garfield. Square Root of Minus Garfield. Taelia. Gnorbu. Nimmo. Zafara. Kyrii. Petpet. Weeble. Spaghatta Nadle. Hyperbole and a Half. Alot. xkcd. Clean all the things. Facebook. LiveJournal. Blogger. Strong Sad. Strong Mad. Hammer Bro. Bullet Bill. Super Mushroom. Fire Flower. Ice Flower. Cape Feather. Tanooki Suit. Sarah McLachlan. Celine Dion. Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man. Blinky. Pinky. Inky. Clyde. Pac-Man Party. Toc-Man. Dry Bones. Dry Bowser. Rosalina. Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario World. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2. Super Mario Bros. 3. Super Mario All-Stars. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario Kart. Mario Kart Wii. Wii. Nintendo 3DS. Mario Kart 7. Super Mario 3D Land. Boomerang Flower. Wadido. Super Smash Bros. Master Hand. Crazy Hand. Final Smash. Giga Bowser. Ganondorf. Link. Zelda. Sheik. Toon Link. The Legend of Zelda. Twilight Princess. Twilight. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Frodo. Sam. Gandalf. The One Ring. Sauron. Sauraman. Legolas. Arwen. Gimli. Aragorn. Merry. Pippin. Bilbo. Mocorono Nodle. Pahckle. Pahrple drahnk. Parp. Parplegar circopomber. Garfield Plus Garfield. Garfield Divided by Garfield. PrtSc Land. Ours Will You 1-Up. Liobits. Cobrall. Teen Girl Squad. Trogdor. Bubs. Coach Z. Pom Pom. Marzipan. The King of Town. The Poopsmith. Stinkoman. 1-Up. Pan Pan. 20X6. Marshie. Mr. Shmallow. Mr. Game & Watch. Dr. Octagonapus & Watch. Grey's Anatomy. X-Files. Buffy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike. Angel. Xander. Willow. Giles. The First. Mulder. Scully. The Lone Gunmen. Skinner. Kersh. Doggett. Reyes. Fowley. Cigarette-Smoking Man. Super Mario Advance. Yoshi's Island. Donut Plains. Vanilla Dome. Forest of Illusion. Chocolate Island. SNES. NES.

Time's up. I managed 172 (if I counted right), although there were a few times that I paused because what first came to mind would have been a bizarre juxtaposition had I written it down right away (though apparently not always, as I put Mocorono Nodle next to Bilbo, Pac-Man next to Celine Dion and Grey's Anatomy next to Dr. Octagonapus & Watch).

*It's been a while since I counted how many unmade normal userpic ideas I have and added them to the amount I've already uploaded...
homestar graduate epitaph



I still have the meeting about the senior trip tomorrow, the actual senior trip from May 15 to 19, and the actual graduation ceremony for 28th, but for all intents and purposes...

I JUST GRADUATED!!! What should my epitaph say?

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

Writer's Block: Wow, this is my most random crossover since PrtSc Land

If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?
Hmm...I dunno. I can't seem to pick one fictional character that would get along with me and/or crack me up the most, so I'll list off several:

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I'm pretty sure there are more than this; this is just what I thought of off the top of my head.


Garfield Randomizer 5

Since there's 51 minutes left until it's been 666 hours since my 666 dream, I wanted to go ahead and post the rest of my Garfield randomizer comics so far. If I find any more good ones, I'll add them to the same image so that all I'll have to do is upload the new copy to OWY1U's unrelated attachment page.

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It's been nice knowing you all.