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Writer's Block: Timely Departures

If you could jump in a time machine and travel back to any point in history, where would you go?
What every time-traveler should do: I would go back in time to every time I said or did something stupid and/or ignorant and tell my past self not to. Thinking that Dido (the singer) has something to do with Ditto (the Pokémon)? DELETED!! Being too shy to get my girlfriend's phone number before she moved? DELETED!! Promoting PrtSc Land everywhere before I realized I needed to revamp it two more times? DELETED!! Blaspheming God? DELETED!!
(If I mentioned all of them, LiveJournal's server would crash)

Tags: blasphemy, crushes, dido, ditto, girlfriend, god, livejournal, phone numbers, pokémon, prtsc land, regret, regrets, self-promotion, server crash, shy, shyness, strong bad, stupidity, time travel, writer's block

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