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Writer's Block: Oh great, I waited too long to make the "Heart, give up my east self" userpic*

Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?
I'm single, but I'm not depressed about it - after all, I'm only 16. Of course, I did want my braces to be off by Valentine's Day (since last Valentine's Day is when I got them put on), but that's probably not gonna happen.

*For those who haven't seen my posts about userpics I plan on making, "Heart, give up my east self" is from the backwards lyrics to How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty.

Tags: 16, backwards lyrics, backwards music, braces, candy hearts, depression, happiness, hearts, inside jokes, matchbox twenty, procrastination, userpics, valentine's day, writer's block

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