Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word? (matt1993) wrote,
Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

Writer's Block: Random acts

What was your last random act of kindness? Do you believe in karma?
I'm not sure if this truly counts as a random act of kindness, but...

Last Monday (I think), I was going to get a haircut. Instead of a line, there's a sheet of paper where you write your name at the bottom of the list. An elderly man and woman who wanted to get their hair cut at the same time were ahead of me in the list, but they decided to let "this young man" (me) go first. I declined and let them go first.

And yes, I believe in karma.

Tags: 1, 125, 25, elderly, haircuts, january, karma, monday, random acts of kindness, randomness, shave and a haircut, writer's block, youth

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