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As if Enya's connection to Mario Winans weren't enough...

Startling new evidence has been found that Waenya has existed since ancient Greek times! (And by "Waenya has existed since ancient Greek times" I mean "anytime I see something that sounds remotely like an Enya/Mario crossover, I must point it out no matter what".)

On the Wikipedia article on Enyalius:

"Enyalius or Enyalio in Greek mythology is generally a byname of Ares the god of war but in Mycenaean times is differentiated as a separate deity. On the Linear B Knossos Tablet KN V 52 the name E-nu-wa-ri-jo is interpreted to refer to this same Enyalios."

Tags: 52, ancient greece, ares, backwards lyrics, backwards music, coincidences, crossovers, enya, enyalius, gods, greek, inside jokes, mario, mythology, names, war, wario, wikipedia, wænya

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