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Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

I'd better get to work so that I won't have to update this too many times

Poll #1517519 Userpic Wars: "Aw gnat! I forgot about the monkeybird one!" edition
This poll is closed.

Forgot a userpic, sorry! If you vote(d) in the first one, that vote will still be counted unless/until you vote(d) here.

Chao-Ahn in some Buffy episode (if you know which, tell me [or IYKW,TM for short]): Are the flashcard monsters attacking?
Giant Dawn from issue 7 of Buffy Season 8 comic, labeled "Mega Dawn" (reference to Mega Mario in New Super Mario Bros.)
Buffy in issue 10 of Buffy Season 8 comic: Aren't there any escalators to hell?
Frasier in some Frasier episode (IYKW,TM): You're on the crane with Frasier Air.
Garfield in Garfield's Pet Force: I'll tell you where the crystal is!...if you'll, uh, let me have a sip of that lemonade.
Homestar in sbemail "isp": Alright, I can help you with that. Please hold while I transfer you to someone who can help you with that.
Dib having the "jibblies" (Homestar Runner reference I use to describe when he runs back and forth on the ceiling...he was on the ceiling, right?) in some Invader Zim episode (IYKW,TM)
Animated GIF cycling between: at least three (depends on how fast the pic approaches the size limit) of the monkeybirds in MirrorMask named Bob, then the one named Malcolm, then the text "Be a Malcolm, not a Bob"
Half-eaten candy heart that says "HEART, GIV ↑ MY EAST SLF" (backwards Matchbox Twenty lyric)
Scene based on the backwards Rascal Flatts lyric "Underwood gave Dido hug, now many Didos!"
The teal deer associated with the phrase TL;DR ("too long; didn't read") crossed out, labeled "Resist the deer! Read it all!"

EDIT: As a side note, I'm having trouble finding the Buffy comic images I need online, so the escalator to hell and Mega Dawn ones won't be made until I either finally find them online or resort to using a digital camera on my copies, so any help with finding them online will be appreciated.

Tags: 11, 8, backwards music, buffy, buffy comic, candy hearts, carrie underwood, chao-ahn, crossovers, dawn, dib, dido, forgetfulness, frasier, garfield, garfield's pet force, hell, homestar runner, inside jokes, invader zim, jibblies, mario, matchbox twenty, mirrormask, monkeybirds, new super mario bros., nintendo, poll, rascal flatts, sbemails, tl;dr, userpics, video games

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