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Writer's Block: Banned, uh...Ba-Specified!

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?
No, but I have banned people without explanation (or even notifying them) if they seem like at least 90% (or so) the type I would never get along with.

I do, however, have a rule where I'll unban anyone a year after I've banned them, although it still hasn't been a year since the first person I ever banned was banned (April 8, 2009). I've also unbanned a couple of people early because they proved to be saner than I thought.

Tags: 2009, 4, 408, 48, 8, 90, april, banning, ides of author cancelled, livejournal, lj friends, percentages, sanity, writer's block

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