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Aw, gnat! LJ is down for maintenance, so I'm gonna type stuff to post in Notepad and post it once LJ is back.

Anyways, I accidentally fell asleep after school today. Again. This time, though, once I woke up, I went back to sleep on purpose.

I then played Dungeons & Dragons with pathvain_aelien and Stephen. This is the first time I've used my tiger Garfield in battle and the first time I leveled up in the game. There was also this funny part where Stephen asked P_A what her charisma modifier was, and she thought he said "Christmas modifier." I've gotta make that into a new profile name now. By the way, my new character is a druid named Juke; we abandoned the campaign that has Cranther. Poor Cranther.

Also, what's weirding me out is how much updates/maintenance is happening on the same day. First, my computer apparently messed up during updates and went into Startup Repair (which I cancelled and started normally, allowing my computer to finish the updates), then ICQ automatically updated, and now LiveJournal maintenance. Is today National Maintenance Day or something?

Random quiz:

Your result for The pointless Test...

20 % boredness

You are BORED

Take The pointless Test at HelloQuizzy

Aw, come on! I'm only 20% bored! How does that count as "BORED"?

Okay, now LJ is back. Time to post!

Tags: 20, bored, boredom, christmas, computer, cranther, dungeons & dragons, falling asleep by accident, garfield, glitches, hypothetical questions, icq, juke, livejournal, lj profile, maintenance, name change, notepad, pathvain_aelien, percentages, quiz, rambling, startup repair, stephen, tired, updates, windows

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