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Userpics across the ages

Since I'm gonna be deleting the old versions of five of my userpics (two of which were updated just now), I might as well go ahead and archive the old versions that haven't been archived in a post already. And, since only one has been archived in a post, that one too for good measure.


(The old version of the "Enya is part Yoshi" one was animated like the current one [the other two frames were exactly the same as they are now], but after LJ cleared the old one from its server entirely, I uploaded it to OWY1U's unrelated attachments page, which doesn't seem to allow animations. So I guess when LJ clears the autism one, I'll have to upload its frames individually.) EDIT ON FEBRUARY 20, 2017: Old version of the Enya one IS animated now. And old version of the autism one (and all the others, actually - they became broken too) is FINALLY restored. Only took me seven years!


(for posterity, the repost button said "OMY! You never did go back and fix the original autism one! That's awesome! I'm reposting this!" until February 20, 2017)
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