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More environmentally friendly (but still doomed) tag list this time

So I'm up to 485 words in my HAS essay now, and there are some things that pathvain_aelien suggested I talk about but I haven't been able to work into the essay yet, which will likely eventually add in the remaining 15 words. Then I'll have to draw the future space shuttle I talked about. Blah.

2009 has been a very depressing year, and because I still have eight more HAS assignments and the final after this (assuming the apocalypse isn't March 25 [it's been forever since I actually linked to that dream]), 2010 will too, at least at first. :(

Tags: 15, 2009, 2010, 25, 3, 325, 485, 500, apocalypse, crnthr, depressed, depression, doom, drawing, dreams, essays, future, has, march, pathvain_aelien, space shuttles, tags, word count

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