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Extended meme time

I just thought up an extended version of this meme.

Search for all of the following on Google Images and link to the first image that was not made by you for each one.

Your LJ username:
(It actually changed since the old version of this meme?)

Your journal title:

Your journal subtitle:

The subjects of your 5 latest entries (not counting this meme or any entries with no subjects), starting from your most recent: (I had to replace the superscript 5 with a regular 5)

Your profile name:

The description of your default userpic (If you don't have a default userpic or it doesn't have a description, choose any userpic that has a description instead. If none of your userpics have descriptions, don't put anything for this one.):

Tags: 5, exponents, google, google images, images, livejournal, lj profile, meme, quiz galaxy, usernames, userpics

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