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1st Semiannual Annoying Homework Contest

EDIT: This contest is cancelled because no one submitted anything before school started. :(

I wanted to save this contest for after OWY1U is back up and I've started a new webcomic I'm planning on doing on LJ (so that there's actually something to use the Cameo Tokens given as prizes for), but since I probably won't be able to get OWY1U up and create the first strip of a webcomic by January 5, and I really want to start this contest now, I will.

Cameo Tokens are credits originally used for PrtSc Land; it cost 10 Cameo Tokens to appear in the comic as a cameo, and they were earned by answering trivia questions I asked or finding mistakes in the comic for me to fix.

By the same [pun intended="false...or, now that I think about it, maybe true"]token[/pun], Cameo Tokens will now be used to cameo in the new comic I plan on doing, but for half price since the new comic will be more of a gag comic and there are no sides to choose. Note that Cameo Tokens from PSL will NOT carry over to the new comic, since there's no way I'm going back there.

Also, this time there will be different kinds of Cameo Tokens so that fractions of Cameo Tokens make more sense:

10 platinum = 1 rainbow
10 gold (equivalent to Cameo Tokens from PrtSc Land) = 1 platinum
2 silver = 1 gold
3 bronze = 1 silver
4 copper = 1 bronze
5 purple = 1 copper
6 green = 1 purple
7 red = 1 green
8 blue = 1 red
9 black = 1 blue
10 white = 1 black

To enter the contest, you have to guess how many of each of these will be assigned during my next semester at school:

- Non-test essays
- Test essays
- Research papers
- Poems to write
- Miscellaneous writing that counts as difficult for me
- Reading comprehension questions
- Posterboards
- Dissections (apparently, the only one I've not posted about on LJ yet)

You must post your guess as a comment, not a private message. However, it won't be unscreened until guessing closes, which will be at midnight between January 4 and 5 (in my time zone, Central). If your guess is exactly the same as a previous guess, only the previous guess will count, so I will let you know if that happens.

Throughout the semester, I will keep a running total of all of the homework that fits the above categories. When the semester is over, I will see who is closest. For example, if you guess:

- Non-test essays: 10
- Test essays: 3
- Research papers: 3
- Poems to write: 5
- Miscellaneous writing that counts as difficult for me: 0
- Reading comprehension questions: 73
- Posterboards: 2
- Dissections: 1

and the actual count is:

- Non-test essays: 13
- Test essays: 8
- Research papers: 4
- Poems to write: 0
- Miscellaneous writing that counts as difficult for me: 1
- Reading comprehension questions: 95
- Posterboards: 3
- Dissections: 5

then you are off by |10-13|+|3-8|+|3-4|+|5-0|+|0-1|+|73-95|+|2-3|+|1-5| = |-3|+|-5|+|-1|+|5|+|-1|+|-22|+|-1|+|-4| = 3+5+1+5+1+22+1+4 = 42. Note that both the example guess and the example result were made with Dungeons & Dragons dice, so I wouldn't use either as an actual guess if I were you. But you could if you want, as long as you're the first person to :P

The person with the lowest difference gets 5 gold Cameo Tokens, the person in second place gets 3, and the person in third place gets 1. Should two or more people tie, the prize is split evenly between them.


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Dec. 23rd, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Let me think.
( 1 pigeon used the Internet — You're quite honest, aren't you? )


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