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Okay, nothing apocalypsey happened 100 days before the March 25 possiblecalypse, but 99 days before it (i.e. last night), I had a dream involving 666 flavored water. 666 flavored water? 666 flavored water? 666 flavored water? That's either an ominous sign or Sketch-a-Doodle's favorite drink. Or both, possibly.

Anyways, I think I did well on the anatomy, Bible, and history exams. Tomorrow is my English exam.

I also went shopping for Christmas presents with pathvain_aelien today. Yay!

Tags: 100, 25, 3, 325, 666, 99, anatomy, apocalypse, bible, christmas, christmas shopping, dreams, english, exams, history, march, ominous signs, pathvain_aelien, presents, shopping, sketch-a-doodle, water, weird dreams

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