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Writer's Block: Trading places (Now not a Writer's Block answer!)

So, as I said in my answer to the Writer's Block question, I'm probably gonna end up doing ALL of my remaining homework today. All I have left is one of the exam essay notecards, actually writing my essay on The Great Gatsby (since I made a notecard for that too), and my HAS stuff. 50 minutes until pathvain_aelien gets back from tutoring Reagan and helps me with my essays some more.

Also, recently I started making an alphabetical list of all of the subject lines in my LJ entries with the post number for each one for my 300th entry.

294. "Author cancelled" is an understatement now
2. "Drawn" to my attention
4. (Screen)shot in the foot
118. *sigh*
7. *yawn*
211. ...Holy. Whole. Hand. Dealer.
117. 14 hours until I'm free
164. 16!!!
156. 16th birthday coming soon
28. 25 Meme
227. 51st state: (states/regions/territories)?
200. 200th post!
144. 620... 621... 622...
147. 666 dream update
234. 110,340... 110,339...
71. A rarity indeed
11. AAAAAfAfAf-F D College
13. Ababnormal
297. ACTion!
116. Almost done....
219. And double poll!
73. And I thought Simon playing Mario Kart DS was surprising
293. And NOW the a lot of homework begins. Author extremely cancelled.
210. Another meme because I'm bored
31. Antiantiantiantichrist
278. At least it didn't automatically say "You are autistic"
235. Author not cancelled
272. AW GNAT!
289. Aw gnat, I can't come up with a witty subject today!
134. Back from camp
78. Band name. Band name. Band name. Band name.
66. Blah
150. BLARGH!
131. BS Analyzer? More like, Itself Analyzer!
260. Buffy Season 4
175. Buh, not bah
137. Bunknote Kart Wii
91. But she was still MRS. SCHÄCHTER!!!
132. Camp
114. Chomp!
179. Computer Stupidities
298. Cut!
54. Daylight Savings Time gets what it deserves
29. Done!
49. Eh?
248. Even more experimentation w/ imposter song glitch
85. Everything sucks (except for chocolate ice cream and Celine Dion chairs)
90. Extra Blind Mice III
178. Featured Glitch! Double NP Awarded!...Okay, okay, that last part was a joke.
157. Final Smash: AVADA KEDAVRA!!
81. First quiz in a while
185. First quiz in a while...again
130. Flipped off for the first time
43. For once, Quiz Galaxy gave me an answer I expected
93. Four-legged Israelites
120. Garfield Randomizer 2
125. Garfield Randomizer 3
148. Garfield Randomizer 5 (No, Garfield Randomizer 4 is not missing; it's the second post with subject line "Random updates". Likewise, Garfield Randomizer 6 is under "Yay, my Internet's back!")
115. Garfield vs. my braces
124. Glitchy quiz time!!
261. Good News Bad News XTREME!!!
252. Grrrr...
5. Happy birthday to CPU
52. Here we go again
10. Holy whole hand dealer, that was a long hiatus!
281. I can't believe I wasted almost the whole break OWY1U-wise
166. I can't think of anything witty enough for the subject line. :(
45. I can't...remember...cereal...
247. I haven't taken a quiz in a while so...
180. I is for I saw Sarah Good with the Devil?
251. I love it when I get to make a Mario reference at school
263. I marched into a bad day
195. I think I'm having a serious problem
107. I wasn't ready for this, and I ENJOY glitches!
292. I wish
280. I'm gonna post every swine flu joke I get from now on so you guys can see what I have to put up with
149. I'm NOT dead!
257. I'm not gonna type a subject because the subject is so predictable...D'OH!!
6. Insert extra joke here
295. It's a start
146. It's been a while since the last time I took a quiz...
69. Ite'd part 2
70. Ite'd part 3
68. Ite'd!!
282. Lame swine flu joke of the yesterday
34. Lazy SAT
197. Let's not do the time warp again
226. Let's play "hilarious thing I found online"
97. Liar
160. LJ Profile Name Change'd!
61. LOL!
72. Lost data and band names
190. Lunchables != mathables
36. Make room for healthy and wealthy
24. Matt da Vinci
1. Matt1993 Cometh
135. Meme stolen from irish_ileana in the dead of the not night
113. Meme time
223. Meme time!!
201. Misheard SSBB theme lyrics
193. Missed again!
188. Mondays with Tuesdays with Morrie
244. More experimentation with the imposter song glitch
232. Mortal Instruments fan art
47. Most random quiz of them all
25. My first meme
191. My first poll
250. My free time is being nibbled like the dinner alley bus
63. My Inbox is possessed!
209. My non-Writer's Block post of the day
101. Negative LiveJournal meme
264. Now I know why Friday the 13th is bad luck...
284. Now THAT'S a random quiz idea
17. Oh yeah!
207. On a somewhat related note...
21. Only non-awesome homework
241. Organic lollipops taste GREAT!
37. Ouch
182. Our glue is hilarious
216. Ours Will You 0-Up
217. Ours Will You Author Cancelled
276. Ours Will You Wake Up
151. OW OW OW!
233. Pathvain_aelien
170. Proof that I'm not a good writer
8. PrtSc Land!!!!
192. Prtsclandiversary
268. Qqqqqq'q Qqqqq: Qqqq qqqqqq
265. Quiz and redesigned userpic time
87. Quiz Galaxy can't read
108. Quiz Galaxy is trustable again
20. Quiz Galaxy LIES!!
119. Quiz o' the day
27. Quiz of the day
152. Quiz time!
126. Quiz'd!
291. R.I.P. remaining free time before the apocalypse 2009-2009
30. Raliens!
46. Random updates
128. Random updates
123. Randomly random randomness
16. Research paper of the apocalypse
168. Rovanda's Words meme
218. RRRRRGH!!!
3. School fool
230. School still exists? D'OH!!!
187. Second quiz in a while????
238. Several things to post about snuck up on me at once
18. Shy guy (Mario reference not intended...OR IS IT?)
269. So for my non-Writer's Block, non-qensored, non-too many Crystal Light noses here post today...
286. So on a non-Writer's Block, more prepared-for note...
273. So, to end the day on a non-swine-flu note:
172. Somebody do it this time please
127. Sounds good to me
12. Stop eating the math of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
83. Stuff
56. Stupid all-you-have-to-do-is-enter-your-name quizzes
19. Stupid cattle-noting braces! >:(
198. Subject? Um...can I use a lifeline?
163. Tart 15.999541476409
26. Telephone game
283. That wasn't so bad
237. That's what you get when you play an imposter country song backwards!
14. The nightmare before joining a community
57. Things other people accomplished at age 15
162. This is a pretty random quiz, but...
290. Today is not a good day to be me
104. Today was pretty hilarious
199. Top ten Buffisodes
271. Top ten Buffisodes (updated)
239. Two three-in-one posts in a row...six-in-two post then?
141. Type 1 Grrr
40. Ugh
42. Ugh, school's back
253. Update on the imposter song glitch
138. Wapathvain?
62. We three topics of LiveJournal post we are...
111. Weekend Trek
203. Wha?
23. What happened?
33. What is WRONG with me?!
167. What the beat coping gnat?
9. Whoa, talk about not posting!
205. Why me?
80. Wii would like to use up all of your batteries
38. Wow
287. Wow, now THAT'S a good day
228, Wow, two jokes about my profile in a row
155. Writer's Block: A Few of the Challenges I Face
229. Writer's Block: Are women or men bigger cheats?
98. Writer's Block: BFF
177. Writer's Block: Bite Me
246. Writer's Block: Bucket list
143. Writer's Block: Busting Blocks
121. Writer's Block: Call Me
139. Writer's Block: Childhood Firsts
140. Writer's Block: Comic Instinct
236. Writer's Block: Confessions of a couch potato
129. Writer's Block: Conversion Rate
181. Writer's Block: Crystal Ball
242. Writer's Block: Cyberstalking
215. Writer's Block: Doh!
112. Writer's Block: Don't Call It a Comeback
94. Writer's Block: Dream On
77. Writer's Block: End of the World as We Know It
153. Writer's Block: Fashion Forward
89. Writer's Block: Folktales of the City
296. Writer's Block: Forever young
254. Writer's Block: Forgive and forget on April 8?
39. Writer's Block: Fresh Flowers or Crunchy Leaves?
60. Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice
59. Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post)
240. Writer's Block: Go to the head of the class
206. Writer's Block: Good Days and Bad Days
55. Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies
288. Writer's Block: Hocus pocus
44. Writer's Block: How Soon Is Now?
82. Writer's Block: How'd You Get Here?
183. Writer's Block: I Don't Normally Do This Kind of Thing
186. Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy
277. Writer's Block: If we took a holiday, divided it by a birthday, and added an anniversary...(What?)
212. Writer's Block: Interspecies Communication
275. Writer's Block: Is your goose (or tofu) cooked?
213. Writer's Block: It Is What It Is
262. Writer's Block: Just another Manic Monday
165. Writer's Block: Le Quatorze Juillet
110. Writer's Block: Licensed to Drive
159. Writer's Block: Lights Out
102. Writer's Block: Look at Me/Don't Look at Me
64. Writer's Block: Looking Back
189. Writer's Block: Memo to Myself
267. Writer's Block: Message in a bottle
214. Writer's Block: Mix and Mingle
136. Writer's Block: Music for Thought
74. Writer's Block: Musical Affliction
266. Writer's Block: Name your talent
285. Writer's Block: Name your unprepared-for Writer's Block
256. Writer's Block: Nature or nurture
51. Writer's Block: No Foolin'
243. Writer's Block: Not PrtSc Land right now, that's for sure
169. Writer's Block: Not So Genius
245. Writer's Block: Nothing to fear but fear itself
208. Writer's Block: On the Airwaves
176. Writer's Block: Parental Involvement
161. Writer's Block: Party Time
204. Writer's Block: Pecking Order
145. Writer's Block: Personal Freedom
84. Writer's Block: Pet Peeve
50. Writer's Block: Prison Food Is Punishment Enough
86. Writer's Block: Protecting America from another financial catastrophe
122. Writer's Block: Regrets Only
103. Writer's Block: Same Name
221. Writer's Block: Scorching day
53. Writer's Block: Seven Days
105. Writer's Block: Space Wars
224. Writer's Block: Stuck with my favorite part-Yoshi ever
58. Writer's Block: Sweet Tooth
76. Writer's Block: Swine Times
249. Writer's Block: Take my advice
41. Writer's Block: Take Your Chances
65. Writer's Block: Taxmen and Poetry
106. Writer's Block: Teenagers & Car Accidents
109. Writer's Block: Teenagers & Car Accidents
202. Writer's Block: Thanks for the Input
196. Writer's Block: Theme Dining
194. Writer's Block: This One's NOT on Me! Holy Whole Hand Dealer!
220. Writer's Block: Three-Day Weekend
35. Writer's Block: Timely Departures
299. Writer's Block: Trading places
300. Writer's Block: Trading places (Now not a Writer's Block answer!)
274. Writer's Block: Twilight/Sonic/Jonas Brothers/Chuck Norris/Firefox become(s) you
133. Writer's Block: Week in Review
88. Writer's Block: Whateral Whatulatory Overwhat for the Whatancial Whatustry
92. Writer's Block: When I Grow Down
75. Writer's Block: Wild Life
67. Writer's Block: Witness Protection Name Change
95. Writer's Block: Word for Word
225. Writer's Block: Would you sell out for reality TV stardom?
231. Writer's Block: Would you want a do-over?
100. Writer's Block: You Ate What?
79. Writer's Block: You Don't Know Me
174. Writer's Block: Youthful Transgressions
259. WTBCG?
255. WTCN?
270. Yay for Thanksgiving!
222. Yay, my Internet's back!
184. Yep, I'm gonna
173. Yes, look what lids noun gummy iPods leap, yeah, with no wow!
154. Yet another glitched quiz
158. Yet another glitchy quiz/meme
48. You are the weakest link. Goodbye!
22. Your card was the 3.14159265358979323 of óúlú÷bs!
15. {}
171. ɔʋɴɔπıч?

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