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And NOW the a lot of homework begins. Author extremely cancelled.

Ugh...painful amount of homework today. (Literally, in fact, since the weight of my backpack hurt my back, shoulders, and wrists, and my math binder landed on two of my fingers when I turned it over.)

Also, it turns out that in HAS, instead of eleven essays it's five essays and six tools and such to design. Which is WAY harder creativity-wise, but at least I'll get to show off my mad MS Paint zkillz. :) Plus, I figured out one of my math problems, so I have one less to worry about, even though those aren't much worry anyway.

Still, I guess I'm not gonna get to check my friendslist unless I'm done with an assignment in HAS and it's more than two weeks before the next one's due.

Tags: 1, 11, 14, 2, 5, 6, author cancelled, back, backpacks, bad day, creativity, drawing, essays, fingers, friends page, has, homework, inside jokes, lj friends, math, ms paint, pain, shoulders, wrists

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