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Telephone game

I just thought of something. You see, on the Homestar Runner Wiki Forum, in the Forum Games section, there was a game where you have to edit the previous person's comment and comment on it. I loved it until off-topic discussions on the HRWF were locked, and just now thought of something: What if I recreated it here?

So here's what you do:

1) Click "Leave a comment" or "Will me 1-Up" (depends on if you're reading this from my journal or your friends page).
2) Quote the previous person (excluding his/her quote).
3) Edit the quote some (at least a little, and don't make it completely different).
4) Below the "quote", comment on it.
5) Keep it relatively clean.
6) If you edit a quote to say something derogatory about someone, your comment MUST be something like "Hey, be nice!"
7) If you like this game, link to this post from your journal.

For example, if the last comment was:

I just ate some macaroni and cheese.
You didn't share it? SELFISH!

you could say:

You didn't scare it? GO FISH!
Wrong game!

If you don't get it, don't worry. I'll be playing this too to help you figure it out.
Start with this:

Let Olimar push the slush!

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