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Yay for Thanksgiving!

I'm finally out of school for Thanksgiving! (Well, I have been ever since Mom decided she was too tired to take me to school for the last day, which was technically yesterday since it's past midnight in my time zone, but still.) My only homework is 16 math problems over 9 days. I love having a LOT of time to procrastinate. ;)

In other news, I finally updated my default userpic based on my poetry posterboard! Now I'm better-drawn and not my AdventureQuest character (I hardly play AQ anymore), and PrtSc (the Yoshi) is more creatively-designed by being painted spotted (like on Neopets). (PrtSc didn't appear on the posterboard, though.)

I also have a new feature: the Saying-or-Doing-Stupid-Stuff-Free Timer! Now you can all see how long I've gone without doing anything stupid (as long as I've had Internet access since I did)! I also keep a record of the longest I've gone without doing stupid stuff (or rather, the least amount of time that could be the longest; I haven't been keeping track of it forever, you know). The link is in my sidebar, since I'll have to update the link every time I do something stupid.

And yesterday 2 days ago, I finally finished watching every episode of Buffy! I guess I'll update my top 10 Buffisodes list tomorrow later today, since I really need to go to bed.

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