A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

So for my non-Writer's Block, non-qensored, non-too many Crystal Light noses here post today...

I dunno if I've posted about this before (and bedtime's getting close, so I don't have time to check), but in English class I had to make a posterboard of the four poems I had to write and some symbols and/or quotes relating to the poems and/or myself.

One of my quotes was the backwards Enya lyric "Now woods think Matt is stupid, but first, I'm giving it end," since it actually had to do with one of my poems (about not making sense). I put it on with my redesigned Enya sprite. Once I was finished gluing everything, my mom pointed out that the Enya sprite was coming off. No, wait, actually she said:

"This little guy's coming off."

"little guy's coming off"

"little guy"


Maybe this is what Enya meant by "Under star, we met the gender." (backwards Amarantine; stupid the fact that OWY1U's not up right now) She's quite tall, too (especially if you don't compare her to Waenya or know what Waenya looks like yet).

Tags: 4, amarantine, annoying things, anywhere is, backwards lyrics, backwards music, bedtime, crossovers, english, enya, gender confusion, glue, height, inside jokes, men, mom, not making sense, ours will you 1-up, poetry, posterboards, quotes, rant, sprites, stick figures, stupidity, symbols, the memory of trees, women, writing, wænya

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