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Qqqqqq'q Qqqqq: Qqqq qqqqqq

What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?
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QQQQ: Q qqqq qqqq qqqqqqqq qqq. Q qqq qq qqq qqqqqqq qqqqqq qqqq qqqqqqqqqq qq qq qqqqqqq qq qqqqqqq qqqqqqq qq qq.

Uncensored version below:

Nowadays, most teenagers find sexual innuendo in almost anything. I feel that one of these days, every letter of the alphabet except Q will be banned, because for every other letter of the alphabet, there is at least one word starting with it that has sexual connotation of some sort, and so every word containing letters other than Q can be made into an abbreviation for some sort of sexual innuendo. And what if someone comes up with sexual innuendo for a word that starts with Q?

I'm not saying we actually should ban twenty-five letters of the alphabet; just annoyed at the way most teens are.

EDOT: I hate this question now. I had to ban several people from commenting in my journal in advance because of it.

Tags: 25, alphabet, banning, hypothetical questions, q, rant, sexual innuendo, teenagers, writer's block

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