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Writer's Block: Message in a bottle

What three items would you place in a time capsule to help future generations understand you?
I was not prepared for this question at all. Um...

1) An autism support ribbon.

2) All of my Mario games. (Or, if that counts as way more than one item, then just Super Mario World.)

3) A Waenya doll and a printout of the backwards lyrics to Never Want to Say it's Love by Dido. (Or, if that counts as two items, then just the lyrics, possibly for a different backwards song. Also note that I haven't actually manufactured a Waenya doll, but I probably would if I wanted to build a time capsule.)

Tags: autism, backwards lyrics, backwards music, crossovers, dido, dolls, future generations, inside jokes, mario, safe trip home, super mario world, time capsule, time capsules, unprepared, video games, writer's block, wænya

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