A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

Quiz and redesigned userpic time

In the event of a lottery win, Matt should buy...
An iPod studded with diamonds

An iPod studded with diamonds? Does it have a fancier version of the imposter song glitch? Like maybe it plays one song, but on screen it shows the title of another, the artist of yet another, the album of still another, the album art of yet still another, and the seekbar of still yet another. "Ladies and gentlemen, ENYIDLINE MCLWENLDPLAY with his/her ♯1 hit, ORINOCO WHITE FALLING CLOWN BENT LOGIC!"

Also, I redesigned my "Enya is part Yoshi" userpic. Now Enya looks cuter, more Super Mario World-styled, and more like herself, in my opinion.



Tags: 2, 40, 5, backwards lyrics, coldplay, crossovers, céline dion, diamonds, dido, enya, glitches, goombas, imposter songs, inside jokes, ipod, lottery, mario, matchbox twenty, quiz, quiz galaxy, sarah mclachlan, super mario world, userpics, yoshi

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