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I'm not gonna type a subject because the subject is so predictable...D'OH!!

Remember that time when I wrote a 1,314-word or 1,317-word essay in five hours and calculated that I had came up with one word every 13.7 seconds? Well, now that I think about it, that statistic wasn't as pointless as I thought, because I have an idea: make a spreadsheet of how long it takes me to write various things for which I have to come up with the wording myself (so essays, definitions of history terms, and even this post would count, but math homework and backwards lyrics wouldn't), and calculate how fast I write them. Then I can figure out how long it takes me to think of the wording for different things, notice if I'm getting better or worse at wording things, and so on, and post it to LJ every now and then!

However, this means I'll finally have to find and enter the Product Key for my copy of Microsoft Office. Which came with my computer. :(

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