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I haven't taken a quiz in a while so...

Matt's creature-nemesis:

The Dreaded TREEFROG

Frog, huh?

NIMMO1140142492720: For three and a half years, I have had one of the least creative names ever. Rename me or DIE!
ME: Let's see...Cranther!
NIMMO1140142492720: NO!!
ME: Juke?
NIMMO1140142492720: NO!!
ME: KnoneN?
NIMMO1140142492720: NO!!
ME: Uh...Waenya??
NIMMO1140142492720: NO! Waenya is a girl's name!! *starts throwing lily pads at me*

Tags: animals, cranther, creatures, frogs, juke, knonen, name change, names, nemesis...es...es, neopets, nimmo1140142492720, quiz, quiz galaxy, tree frogs, weird names, wænya

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