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Several things to post about snuck up on me at once

Firstly, remember when MissingNo. entered FarmTown? I think he moved to YoVille.

Second of all:

The imposter song glitch is hard to do - I only managed to get one imposter song today: "Pushrcle" by Sarah McLachlan (song was Push, screen said Circle). However, I would've also had "Let's Do the Things We Go Beyond, Pt. 2" by "Diya" (song was Let's Do the Things We Normally Do by Dido, screen said To Go Beyond, Pt. 2 by Enya) if I hadn't pressed Pause two too many times. I did manage to research the glitch further using Pushrcle, though.

It seems that:
- Yesterday I was wrong about how to do the glitch; it's not as hard as I thought. I paused Circle the instant it ended, and even though I didn't press Pause again, it was already on the imposter song. The screen showed that it was playing Circle again (though it had a pause symbol in the top-right corner even though it also showed the progress through the song increasing), yet it was playing Push. (For simplicity, when a song is playing while the screen shows that it's paused, I shall refer to it as being "plaused" from now on.)
- If the pause button is pressed while an imposter song is plaused, it goes to just plain playing, and the pause button starts functioning as normal again.
- If the previous button is pressed while an imposter song is playing (paused and plaused have not been tested yet) and is at least a few seconds into the song (so it normally would just restart; I haven't tried pressing previous within a second of the song's beginning), it goes to the beginning of the song the screen said was playing.
- If an imposter song plays all the way through, it may appear to freeze for a few seconds, then make the screen change to the song that was actually playing for a few seconds, then go to the next song normally. I do not remember whether it was playing or plaused when this happened with Adiwards, though.
- According to kandigurl, skipping to the next song while an imposter song is playing does the same thing as letting it play all the way through. I haven't tried this on my own yet.

Things I still have to try: (I thought of some new ones)

- Press previous while imposter song is paused or plaused at least a few seconds into song
- Press previous while imposter song is playing, paused, or plaused within a second of it starting
- Let imposter song play all the way through while playing and while plaused to see which one(s) confused the iPod like I did with Adiwards, and to see what happens the other way
- See for myself about skipping the song (though unlike letting it play all the way, it is possible to do that while it is paused, so I should test that too)
- Look at imposter song's position in shuffled order and compare it to the song it actually was and the song it pretended to be
- Use seek bar on an imposter song that is playing, paused, or plaused
- Change the rating for an imposter song that is pretending to be a song with the same rating as the song it actually is (this will be easy since I haven't rated a single song)
- Change the rating for an imposter song that pretends to have a different rating (To make it easy to remember the ratings, I'll leave songs starting with A-E unrated, rate songs from F-J 1 star, K-O 2 stars, P-T 3 stars, U-Y 4 stars, and Z and numbers 5 stars. Obviously, all of these ratings will be removed afterward.)
- Add an imposter song to On-The-Go
- Browse Album for an imposter song for which the album displayed doesn't match the actual album
- Browse Artist - same as above
- Make last song pretend to be second-to-last, then listen to it all the way through when playing and plaused
- Same thing, but skip song instead of listening to all of it, and try paused too
- Make second song pretend to be first, then press the previous button within a second of the song starting when playing, paused, and plaused

Lastly, the PSAT and SAT are coming up (apparently, I have to do both). Hopefully, my essay and critical reading won't be [weirddream]big Crayola messes[/weirddream] like last time.

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