A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

That's what you get when you play an imposter country song backwards!

I found a very bizarre glitch in my iPod today.

Y'see, I was listening to Backwards by Rascal Flatts, and apparently paused it the instant the song ended and put my iPod in my pocket so it would automatically turn off. The next time I turned it on, the song it was playing was Adia by Sarah McLachlan, but the screen still said Backwards. I just now got the opportunity to see what happens if I listen to "Adiwards" by "Sarascal McLachltts" all the way through: the iPod stays silent for a few seconds with Backwards still on the screen, then Adia replaced Backwards for a few seconds (still silent), then it went to the next song (Time After Time by Sarah McLachlan & Cyndi Lauper) normally. I also noticed that I had thought that the battery ran out during the song, yet when I charged my iPod, it still had all my songs on shuffle, even though I usually have to shuffle them again. (Maybe I just turned off my iPod by accident and thought the battery ran out...)

I never thought about glitches in my iPod before...this calls for further experimentation! For starters, I tried skipping back to those songs, and they had reverted to a normal Backwards followed by a normal Adia. I then tried looking at the play counts for those songs in iTunes. Both were 7, an understandable number for it to be (since I listen to Enya most often), so the iPod must not have put glitchy data there in its confusion.

Here are the things I have left to try on an imposter song:

- Skip to the previous song
- Skip to the next song
- Attempt to look at what position in the shuffled order (I dunno what you'd call it... it says "X of Y") the song is
- Use the seek bar
- Change the song's rating
- Add to On-The-Go
- Browse Album
- Browse Artist
- Make the last song in the shuffled order pretend to be the second-to-last song, then listen to it all the way through

On an almost unrelated note, I don't think I'll be able to get OWY1U back up by November. So my current goal is March 25, since that's a year after I dreamed the apocalypse would be in September, and in the dream, I thought it was exactly a year until then.
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