A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

Mortal Instruments fan art

So, quite a few months ago, when pathvain_aelien and I were still reading the Mortal Instruments series, she asked me to draw a scene from the series in MS Paint in the same style I did PrtSc Land (the third version, that is) and post it on LJ once we finally finished. So I chose to draw the scene where Jace jumps out of the Malachi Configuration, but most of the time I didn't really want to draw it, so I didn't finish until a month or two ago, and was also a bit reluctant to post it once I was done. But here it finally is.

Note that:
- this was the first time I had ever drawn Jace or Alec (EDIT: Wait, the first time was when I did a sketch of this on paper to help find things to make sure to keep in the right relative sizes)
- some MS Paint techniques I used here were the first time I ever tried to use them (I didn't even practice them first), explaining things like why Alec's jacket looks like it's made from MissingNo. skin when I was just trying to texturize it
- I'm fairly certain Jace wasn't wearing Shadowhunter gear in that scene (but I may be wrong), and have no clue what Alec was wearing (in fact, his outfit here is based on the official art on mortalinstruments.com because of that)
- I originally had drawn all four seraph blades, but two just wound up being obscured by the Malachi Configuration
- the room's colors are almost completely random
- despite all of this, I still think it actually turned out mostly decent

Tags: alec, city of ashes, drawing, fanart, jace, livejournal, malachi configuration, missingno., mortal instruments, mortalinstruments.com, ms paint, pathvain_aelien, procrastination, prtsc land, seraph blades, texturizing

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