A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

My non-Writer's Block post of the day

The first two periods in school today were pretty hilarious.

In anatomy class, we got a list of safety procedures. ♯3 is:

"3. Students who are pregnant, taking immunosuppressive drugs, or who have any other medical condition (e.g., diabetes, immunological defect) that might necessitate special precautions in the laboratory must inform the instructor immediately."

And yet the student handbook for our school says that pregnancy and other Level Four offenses can result in expulsion from school. (I don't think these safety procedures were written by our school, but still)

In Bible class, we got a handout of class requirements, grading criteria, and the like. The header says:

"Junior and Senior Boys Bible 2009-20010"

Great. I only have [anyonewhoreferencesthatstupidmemewillbegivenaboottothehead]9000½[/anyonewhoreferencesthatstupidmemewillbegivenaboottothehead] years to study for my midterm exams.

I had a lot more homework today than I did yesterday, but at least it's the weekend!

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