A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform (matt1993) wrote,
A rejection-sensitivity-based lifeform

My first poll

Poll #1442730 Wadido vs. Warah McWachlan

You remember Waenya, right? She was mentioned in a backwards lyric so I went ahead and designed her? Well, I've heard "Wadido" and "Warah" mentioned backwards too lately (I wanted to write down the backwards lyrics to certain songs before I redesigned Ours Will You 1-Up). Who should I design first once OWY1U is back?

Warah McWachlan

Kinda pointless, I know, but...

Tags: backwards lyrics, backwards music, crossovers, dido, enya, mario, ours will you 1-up, poll, sarah mclachlan, teasers, wadido, warah mcwachlan, wænya

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