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LJ Profile Name Change'd!

So I went to a belated birthday party for a friend of mine at an autism intervention group I go to. At one point, some of us were playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I was playing as Mr. Game & Watch for one match, and whenever I used his Final Smash (turning into an octopus for those who don't know), the friend that the party was for, being a fan of the Lazer Collection videos, said "DR. OCTAGONAPUS!!" At one point, I said "DR. OCTAGONAPUS & WATCH!!" when using the Final Smash. Guess what he thought I said?


"Pucker up because we're about to have some lunch."

...Yeah. Well, that's what I have as my "real" name on my profile now. Yay!
Tags: autism, autism intervention, birthday, dr. octagonapus, final smashes, internet memes, lazer collection, lj profile, misheard words, mr. game & watch, pucker up because it's time for lunch, super smash bros. brawl

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