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Yet another glitchy quiz/meme

LiveJournal Username
7th strangest; Will die by a falling piano:foundunicorn
6th; Will die by a falling palm frawn:xlormplover
5th; Will die by having a fat bird sit on them:darkdragoonfan
4th; Will die by being set on fire:darkdragoonfan
3rd; Will die by a random nija star accident:princesskitu
2nd; Will die by a falling vending machine:forgetmenotcj
1st; Will die by the wing of mothera, king of the moths:jessamort
Chance this will happen
This Fun Quiz created by Caitlin at BlogQuiz.Net
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Apparently, darkdragoonfan will get sat on by a fat bird that's on fire.

Tags: 15, 16, 28, 47, 93, 963, birds, blogquiz.net, darkdragoonfan, death, fire, forgetmenotcj, foundunicorn, glitches, jessamort, meme, mothra, moths, ninjas, numbers, percentages, pianos, princesskitu, quiz, strange deaths, vending machines, xlormplover

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