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FINALLY, a comment thread that summarizes EXACTLY how I feel about everything that's been going on AND is a lot better-worded than I could ever muster! :D

I particularly like these comments:

"COVID is definitely real and while it won't hurt me too much, if restrictions are eased then hospitals will fill up like they currently are. I totally get that. This shit is real. But also - Jesus fucking Christ I hate wearing masks, I hate distancing, and I haaaaate any "this is our new normal!" toxic positivity. The main coronavirus sub is almost giddy at the idea of wearing masks for the next 12 months and I just don't get it. This life is so bland, it's just existence. There's no actual living."

"Saying 'We'll be socially distancing and wearing masks forever so deal with it.' is like saying that 'The world is better off without your toxicity, so feel free to kill yourself.'

It's disgusting."

"You can acknowledge that it’s hard, that you can’t wait for it to be over, while also understanding why it is worth doing temporarily. It sometimes seems that there is no middle ground. Either the virus is a hoax and we should take no steps to keep people safe, or people who can’t get used to masks and isolation are heartless and don’t care about protecting others. Neither is the case."

"Most people are meant to socialize. Most people need socialization. Talking down on people struggling to cope without socialization is a toxic mentality, and I really dislike that mentality and those people, not as much as deniers and anti-maskers because those are inherently more dangerous, but I dislike them nonetheless."

"YES!! I completely agree. Obviously, we need to social distance, wear masks, etc, but whenever I talk about the negative impacts of quarantine, like the mental health crisis or online school/WFH not being effective for many, I immediately get shut down with 'well we don't have a choice!' or 'do you want to kill your grandma/mom/whatever?' Personally, I don't want to live like this forever. I don't even wanna live like this next year lol. "

I think this is a comment thread that EVERYONE needs to read. If reading this was even almost as mandatory as masks or social distancing, the world would be a much better place.
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