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My best[citation needed] entries from before the apocalypse

So, I know I haven't posted a lot of positive or funny or even non-depressing posts lately. And I know many of you are tired of my journal being depression posts over and over, more so than usual.

The thing is, there HAVE been other things I've been meaning to post in here. Quite a few, actually. But I haven't gotten around to posting most of them for multiple reasons:

1) First of all, half the time I'm still too depressed to post about anything, or at least anything other than depression.
2) Whenever I AM feeling somewhat happier (which isn't often, but it's more often than it probably looks like), I'm often too exhausted (thanks to all the sleep I lost worrying about how the world was ending and/or how people seem to think it's okay to hate me for how I feel about what's going on) to feel like posting anything or even doing anything besides going to bed.
3) Whenever I'm happy enough AND awake enough that I could potentially motivate myself to write an entry, I tend to end up just playing video games instead.
4) Whenever none of the above applies, I usually end up ALMOST motivating myself to write an entry, only to put it off because there happens to be a recent super-depressing entry in my journal and it would be jarring to post about anything fun so soon afterward. Especially for those of you who met me so recently that you might have only seen my depressed/anxious entries so far and may not yet know what my "typical" entries are like (the short answer: "weird"), or what my sense of humor is like (the short answer: "weird"), or what my interests are outside of worrying about being pandemic shamed and constantly having existential dread.

I think the best course of action is for me to link to a bunch of old entries in my journal that are vaguely similar to some of the ones I've been wanting to post, so you at least have an idea of what to expect from my journal if you're fairly new to it. If you like these entries, you'll probably like the entries I've been meaning to post; if you think these entries are weird, you'll probably think I'm weird or at least that the entries I've been meaning to post are weird. ;)

In no particular order:

Archives of my old Miiverse posts now that Miiverse itself is closed down (well, my posts from 2012-2013 at least - I still have yet to put up the rest)

An entry in which I wax nostalgic about Vegas Stakes for the SNES (which retroactively doubles as an explanation of why I don't like when people blame the year 2020, act like nothing good whatsoever happened in 2020, act like X is the only good thing that happened in 2020, etc.)

An entry in which I made up what Mary O. & Yamamura's moveset in Super Smash Bros. would be, and an entry in which I made some changes to it. Probably could use some additional updates but eh. For those who don't know: Mary O. is the manual guide from Super Mario Maker (and I have a crush on her, since I'm weird like that) and Yamamura is her pigeon friend.

I still haven't posted my annual LJ/DW comment stats entry for this year, so here's the 2019 one because why not?

And some "here's something cool I found online"-type entries from the past:

Homestar Runner toons recreated in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Videos where people ask their family members, friends, or random people to guess the names of all the Smash Bros. characters... as of Smash Bros. 4, anyway, since that's how long ago this entry was

I like nonsense, so these neural network things amuse me. And these ones.

Garfield comics with Garfield replaced with James Garfield (my entry about it currently claims that the site is down but as it turns out, IT'S BACK!! :D Regardless, this entry is also a good example of the lengths I sometimes go to in order to fix broken links in my journal.)

Mario: the 8-bit opera

Michelle Heafy, a YouTuber who makes soothing piano/vocal covers of video game music (and is pretty :) )
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