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Help! I've been placed under a dark curse that causes me to mindlessly refresh YouTube and Twitter over and over looking for things that will upset me, no matter how much I want to focus on my chores and my hobbies!

This curse, of course, is called "anxiety".

EDIT: You might be thinking "well, just block YouTube and Twitter!" I considered it, but that's not a practical solution to me. First of all, those two sites were just two examples; blocking one site will just cause me to check another site a lot more. I learned that when I made that resolution to stop checking TV Tropes so much. Second, there's many things I ENJOY seeing on YouTube and a few on Twitter as well. Third, I've also come across very good news from the same sites - including one just after I made this post.
Tags: anxiety, curses, depression, drama, internet, magic, tags will come later, twitter, youtube

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