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Insert another dumb "distant sparks call to a past still unnamed" joke here

You know what?

I decided I'm not gonna post anymore until the coronavirus pandemic is over. (Unless I change my mind for whatever reason.)

It's pretty clear that:
- If I DO post about the coronavirus, I get seen as a bad person for reacting to it in the way I am (wishing social distancing would EVENTUALLY end and stating that I don't think I can be happy again until I know it will end eventually; thinking about it so much since so many things I enjoy might be cancelled or delayed; etc.) or for the way I word it.
- If I post about anything OTHER than the coronavirus, then (assuming I somehow successfully do so without mentioning the virus once, which is almost impossible) I get seen as a bad person for talking about anything else.

So, looks like my best course of action is to not post at all until I can do so without having to worry about being criticized for what I choose to post about. I'll probably still reply to comments, but that's it.

See you when the pandemic is over!... IF the pandemic is ever over, which I still don't think it ever will be...
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