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April Fools 2020

Something was announced that I'm really excited about! Probably involving at least one of my celebrity crushes or fictional crushes! And at least one fandom I like that is unrelated to said crush - probably Vegas Stakes, seeing as it's 2020 after all.

But now I'm upset because some things happened that wouldn't really be that a big deal for most people but I'm catastrophizing about them anyway and at least one of them involves the thing I would have been excited about. Like, maybe there's a lot of drama going on or at least one of my favorite characters has been replaced.

Also, maybe my likes are now my dislikes and vice versa. Then again, maybe they aren't! Who knows??


April Fools! Now laugh.

Yeah, that's all I've got this year. Nothing seems particularly funny anymore. Not even my usual April Fools nonsense. :(
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