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So I got to wondering if Google has added PrtSc Land, Ours Will You 1-Up, or Waenya to the list of queries it would suggest if you typed in the first few letters of them yet. However, it seemed to not show any suggestions at all due to the page not loading right, so I was going to try typing it into the search box on the page that shows your search results, and thus I searched for "d" to get to said page. The results?

(that was going to be an animated GIF to make it look like an alarm was going off and flashing red, but Gickr was being a Crystal Light nose and had a 450px size limit, so you get two copies of the screenshot, one with a red tinge)

So apparently, Google thinks RICKROLLING has something to do with the letter D.

What has this world come to?!

*is more impatient for my 666 dream or my apocalypse dream*

Tags: 450, 666, animated gifs, apocalypse, crystal light noses, d, dreams, gickr, google, holy whole hand dealer, hypothetical questions, inside jokes, insulting google, internet memes, letters, ours will you 1-up, prophetic dreams, prtsc land, red, rickroll, screenshots, wænya

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