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Day 11

Dear every company that has been forced to make ANY sort of change AT ALL because of the coronavirus:

Once the coronavirus pandemic ends*, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO RETURN EXACTLY TO THE WAY YOU WERE BEFORE. When it's no longer necessary to hold events without audiences or host shows from your own home or do anything that you weren't having to do before the pandemic, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE WAY YOU WERE. MY SANITY DEPENDS ON IT. IF I'M GOING TO BE CONSTANTLY REMINDED THAT THE WORLD ENDED IN MARCH 2020, IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

*Because I know some of you are probably going to misinterpret this as saying I want everything un-cancelled now and hate** me for it: I'M TALKING ABOUT AFTER THE PANDEMIC IS OVER.

**I know assuming that people will HATE me for things is a bad habit I need to get out of, but I'm too stressed out to be concerned about THAT bad habit at the moment.
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