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The (at one point) Mysterious Lost Episodes of Super Mario Maker Crash Course

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Who on earth is this person right here?... But this is not Mary O. This is someone new.


At age 26...

...Matt1993 discovered the two mysterious lost episodes of Super Mario Maker Crash Course. ... Okay, okay, that last one's not on the list. But it SHOULD be! I have a story behind that. Stay tuned for when I write a full post about it!

Well, I've certainly set a new standard for procrastination.

Last year I discovered something that involves my biggest video-game-character crush AND is something that I had not seen acknowledged ANYWHERE on the Internet, and I promised to post the story behind my discovery of it. I thought it'd be an amazing feat that I would be the first one on the entire Internet (or at least English-speaking Internet?) to acknowledge the existence of what I found!

And yet... I didn't get around to posting it until now? It looks like I left you on a cliffhanger for so long that the cliff isn't even there anymore. It's now clear that the Super Mario Wiki has also found out about what I discovered before I got around to finishing writing it. But I still found it first, I swear!

Not sure how coherent all this is because ensuring that this entry makes sense would take too long. Hopefully it makes sense anyway...

What happened was:

- When I was distraught about Mary O. being replaced in SMM2, I spent quite some time Googling to see if there was ANY evidence, ANYWHERE, that she might still be in Super Mario Maker 2 or that Nintendo has at least acknowledged her existence

- I had no luck on that front :(

- BUT, I ended up stumbling on
https://nintendocafe.com/post/135345240675/super-mario-maker-course-creation-class-mashiko, which links to the European version of Super Mario Maker Crash Course: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/games/oms/smm_course_creation_class/01/index.html

- I found this interesting for several reasons:
1) First of all, these are still up, contrary to Nintendo of America's attempt to purge every trace of Mary O.'s existence the North American site removing them along with the rest of the Super Mario Maker site once the Super Mario Maker 2 site went up.
The North American versions are still on archive.org at:
2) There's a lot of differences between the two versions. (And not just because Mary O. is called Mashiko, either.)
Europe missed out on a lot of my favorite lines as it turns out, including some I've quoted or paraphrased in my journal like "I'd rather bunk with a Bob-omb than ever look at that disgrace again", "I also didn't know pigeons used the Internet", "Logical? This coming from a talking pigeon who's obsessed with edamame?". Even Yamamura's one-off joke about "Mary O. & Yamamura" being a movie is drastically different in Europe, where he just calls it "Yamamura: The Movie". (I guess that means this weird April Fools prank makes even LESS sense to anyone outside North America...) Europe even missed out on the word "hypothermiawkward", which I think is my favorite line in the entire comic.
On the other hand, there were also a lot of lines that *I* missed out on because they were in the European version only. For instance, ever since Mary O. mentioned that she's one to give up on New Year's resolutions before the clock even strikes midnight, I've always wanted to know exactly her New Year's resolutions are. I never dreamed I'd actually see anything remotely resembling an answer to that question. And yet, it IS at least partially answered here! "I'm the kind of person who can never resist eating sweets when I'm on a diet, so I admire that level of self-control."
I'd list even more differences I noticed, but the fact that I wanted to do that is why it took me so long to write this entry in the first place. Also, I kinda want to encourage people to read the comic. :)

- The MOST interesting difference between the two versions, however, is this:
There is a NINTH episode that not even the largest Mary O. fan club in the entire world (i.e. me) knew about until now!
So, all this time, I thought there were only eight episodes and wished that, somehow, there could be more episodes.
I always wondered: the North American version of Bonus Episode 1 ends with Yamamura giving Mary O. another task, but... does she ever complete it?
Apparently she did... this course exists in the game and Yamamura has even edited it just like the other courses they made, and many people have played those levels, but... why is there no comic about it? You'd think there would be.
I also wondered: why is the bonus episode called "Bonus Episode 1" when it's the only bonus episode?
The answer to all of these questions is:
Behold: The lost episode of Super Mario Maker Crash Course!

Featuring Incognito Mary O. and Frozen Yamamura, two official images so obscure, NO ONE on the ENTIRE INTERNET has acknowledged that these exist!
... well, okay, they have now, because I waited so long that someone on Super Mario Wiki finally figured out that these exist and added them to Mary O. and Yamamura's articles. But at the time, this felt like an incredible discovery, I swear!
Which begs the question: Why did this episode only ever exist on the European website and not the North American website?
Did Nintendo of America already stop caring about Mary O. at this point?
It's a mystery.

- And the story doesn't even end there, either?! Five days later, I also decided I should take a look at the Japanese version of SMM Crash Course as well, even though I obviously wouldn't be able to actually read it.
I was curious as to if that version has the "lost" Bonus Episode 2.
Not only is that episode indeed present, there is ANOTHER lost episode.
That's right. There's TEN episodes of this comic that I thought I'd read "all" eight episodes of.
This appears to be about the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker, and interestingly, the release date of the comic is AFTER the 3DS port was released. Which means, this mysterious lost comic is the LAST time Mary O. has made an appearance in anything.
Can any of you read Japanese? I want to know what the dialogue in this comic means! It's a shame that these are effectively Mary O.'s last words and I don't even know what they mean.
(For that matter, what do the Japanese versions of the first nine episodes say? Are they different from their English counterparts?)

And that is the story of how I got disproportionately excited about a cartoon businesswoman putting on sunglasses for five panels, only to take forever to actually post about it. :P
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