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I'm still here

It's been a while since I posted anything... to tell you the truth, it's hard to motivate myself to post anything since I don't WANT to end up posting about nothing but anxiety, but that ends up being what I do anyway (apparently even when I'm trying to also post about other things, and sometimes even when I'm not actually all that anxious).

I've gotta get back to posting "normal" entries somehow.

Let's see... what does a "normal" Matt1993 entry consist of...?

Oh yes, I remember.

Enya Mary O. Enya Enya Mary O.? Enya Enya. Mary O. Mary O. Enya. Mary O. Enya Enya Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Enya Mary O. Enya Mary O. Mary O. Enya Mary O. Enya; Enya Mary O. Mary O. Enya Enya Enya, Mary O. Enya Enya Mary O., Enya Enya Enya Enya Enya Mary O.! Mary O. Enya Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Enya Mary O., Enya Enya Enya Mary O. Enya Enya Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Enya Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Mary O. Enya!

Self-parody that is probably eventually gonna get the "cringeworthy entries" tag added to this entry aside, I do want to post more often, and post about more than anxiety. There are posts that I want to make that are as close to "normal" as this journal gets. But I haven't posted them because I feel like anything I post is going to either

a) have anxiety-related stuff even if that's not the main focus of it, and therefore I'd still be annoying everyone by posting about anxiety
b) have entirely non-anxiety-related stuff in it - but the idea of making an entirely non-anxiety-related post ironically makes me feel anxious about "are people gonna see this as too sudden of a topic jump from my last few posts...?"

I also feel like no matter what I post about, I'm going to be criticized for not posting about politics or recent disasters or any of the other major news headlines from the past few months. (Unless I actually posted about any of those things, but I don't particularly want to. Nor do I feel there is much I could say about any of those things. Also, most of the occasions I HAVE posted about news articles ended up being my most cringeworthy entries of all time, so I'd like to avoid that if I can...)
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