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Hope everyone had a good holiday season and has a happy new year!

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't post any more entries in my LJ or DW until the cross-posting issue is resolved, and I'm still declaring myself officially on hiatus until that happens. But I'm making one lone exception because:


I know I posted this video earlier this year because I was impatient. But IT IS TIME. I can't believe it.

The future according to my childhood... IS HERE. (In some time zones. Mine is not one of them. YET.)

In other news, I'm still feeling anxious about the YouTube COPPA stuff. I know some of you (and a few articles/videos I found while Googling about it) don't think it's anything to worry about. But unfortunately, enough people are still concerned that it's something to worry about that I can't be too sure.

Approximately what my past self thought I would be asking right about now: "It's almost 2020. By now all text ever written should be in digital fonts and the 2020 music from Vegas Stakes should start playing everywhere! Why hasn't that happened yet???"

What I'm ACTUALLY asking right about now: "Are my favorite YouTube channels going to stay around?? Is COPPA something to worry about, or is not something to worry about, or was it something to worry about originally but then that one YouTuber stepped in and saved the day? Does any of this affect DeviantArt too?? I want to know for sure!!! And I'm about to find out for sure!!! But then it will be too late!!!"
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