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R.I.P. Characters 4-17 and 19-50

Well, not only is mezzacotta STILL broken (and it's been a while since the last time there was any confirmation it's being worked on), the ruins of the two newest comics are almost if not exactly identical.

This is making me even more worried. Not only is it still unclear if the comic generation code can EVER be fixed, it may be the case that even if mezzacotta is repaired such that it can display entire comics again, all comics starting with yesterday might be the exact same one over and over! :(

EDIT: Well, I've looked at the two newest comics enough to confirm that what's left of them is not EXACTLY identical. But they're still similar enough that it's making me nervous that the comic generation code is PERMANENTLY broken and may not be repairable.
Tags: broken images, comics, glitches, mezzacotta, tags will come later, webcomics

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